Trevor Noah: Where Was I on Netflix

Trevor Noah's New Special, "Where Was I," Coming To Netflix This December

Trevor Noah: Where Was I. Courtesy of Netflix.
Trevor Noah: Where Was I. Courtesy of Netflix.

It's been hardly a year since Trevor Noah left The Daily Show to go focus on touring extensively. It's also been now over a year since Noah premiered his most recent Emmy & now Grammy nominated comedy special, I Wish You Would, on Netflix.


After touring globally this past year on his Off The Record stand-up tour, the South African comic is ready to share his new Netflix special, Where Was I, premiering on the streaming service December 19th.

Details on Trevor Noah's new special, "Where Was I."

In his latest hour, "Trevor Noah recounts his amusing travels around the world, from foreign national anthems to different cultural norms." The special was taped at the Fox Theatre in Detroit earlier this Fall and will mark his fourth for the streamer.


Shortly before leaving The Daily Show to go work on his next hour, Noah shared with the Hollywood Reporter: "I spent two years [of the pandemic] in my apartment, not on the road, and when I got back out there again, I realized that there’s another part of my life that I want to carry on exploring. I miss learning other languages, I miss going to other countries and putting on shows, I miss being everywhere and doing everything.”


Noah recently launched his latest hosting project since leaving The Daily Show with a new podcast for Spotify, What Now?, where the comedian can be heard going deep with his guests having the kind of conversations that happen behind the scenes. His first guests so far include Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson & Kerry Washington.


We're glad to see Noah enjoying life on the road and performing even more stand-up around the world leading to this new hour.


Trevor Noah's fourth Netflix special, Where Was I, premieres December 19th.

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