Bill Maher and Martin Short as Jiminy Glick on Real Time with Bill Maher

Watch Jiminy Glick “Interview” Bill Maher

As far as he’s concerned, Jiminy Glick is the interviewer to the stars. In reality, it’s actually the brilliant persona of Martin Short, who has been bringing his knack for innocuous and invasive questions to audiences for two decades now. 

So when Bill Maher had to promote his own book on Real Time with Bill Maher, he enlisted Glick’s skills as an interviewer. Glick came out - sans glasses, as he forgot them in his coat pocket until Maher mentioned it halfway through the interview - and immediately started going to town with his trademark enthusiastic roasting. First thing he does is declare it’s a change of pace, because he normally “only interviews celebrities.” 

Various insults followed, including the following:

- “Your smile is like an email from grandma. All caps.”

- “The combo of weed and cheap cologne fighting for dominance should’ve given [who you are] away.”

-“Your book is a triumph. What do you attribute its success to? Low expectations?”

-“Other than lacking one, what do you think your comedy legacy will be?”

-“Everyone loves you. I mean, republicans don’t like you. Democrats don’t like you.”

The result was a wild 12 minutes in which Maher barely was able to concentrate. As it ended, Maher remarked that it’s “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” It’s all more reason to love Martin Short!

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