Adam Cayton-Holland - Wallpaper

Adam Cayton-Holland - Wallpaper

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Adam Cayton-Holland's new special "Wallpaper" tells tales of parenthood that arrive in his unique style: laced in poetic language, chock-full of strange detail, and delivered with equal thoughtfulness and silliness.

But this special goes beyond the typical material about fatherhood: in fact, Adam wrestles on stage with whether or not he wants to become a dad comedian at all. He’s aware that his fans didn’t originally sign on for his take on Paw Patrol (“defund Paw Patrol,” Adam bravely says). In a hilarious, surreal bit that closes the special, Adam “remembers” a long conversation he had with his 3-year old about his career and the comedy industry overall. In this very real conversation that definitely happened, Adam’s 3-year old discourages him from joining the “toxic masculinity podcast circle jerk” dominating the industry. Instead, his son encourages him to be proud of the performer he’s becoming, commending him for “writing what he knows.” Wallpaper showcases in a hilarious, vulnerable way a comedian growing into a new kind of arist and a new kind of person right before our eyes.

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