J.B. Ball - It's My Privilege

J.B. Ball - It's My Privilege

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J.B. Ball, an African-American comedian, embraces love for all as a guiding principle. Growing up in diverse communities, schools, and sports teams, he personifies the unity our country should strive for. In these polarized times, J.B.'s performance serves as both a hilarious and motivational reminder to tap into our best selves when interacting. His ability to speak a language understood by people from all backgrounds transforms political discussions into conversations about life itself. Audiences leave unharmed, yet enlightened and motivated, all while laughing their way through personal growth. From recounting childhood experiences with white friends aspiring to become the first Black President, to narrating a tale of saving a turtle from a gunman, J.B. addresses these obstacles with wit and levity. Filmed at The University of Tampa's brand new Charlene E. Gordon Theater, J.B. takes a daring step by presenting his unique perspective in a city and state that some may perceive as “part of the problem”. His intention is to demonstrate that his message, style, humor, delivery, and persona can be not only accepted but celebrated anywhere, challenging preconceived notions.

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