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Matt Braunger - Doug

Matt Braunger - Doug

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Matt Braunger might not be the biggest name in comedy, but his streaming numbers are. Over 100 million on Pandora, for starters. Why? Repeat watches and listens. Fans have told him on numerous occasions that his specials Shovel Fighter, Big Dumb Animal, and Finally Live in Portland are their go-to for a “fun, needed break” from the screaming horrors of modern life. Isn’t that what we need right now?

“Doug,” a deeply personal hour of insane hilarity named after a terrible person, is Braunger’s masterwork. Covering his new fatherhood, an appreciation of hot dudes, his marriage to a pirate woman, driving from LA to Boston with his family during the pandemic, and culminating in the reveal of a regrettable butt tattoo, “Doug” is a special for everyone who needs a laugh. That is, the known world.

Braunger has three comedy specials (Shovel Fighter (Comedy Central), Big Dumb Animal (Netflix), Finally Live in Portland (Amazon Prime), and five albums. He’s done stand-up on every late night talk show and has been on Mad TV, Upload, Black-ish, Chelsea Lately, Up All Night, Marvel’s Agent Carter, iCarly, Fuller House, and way more. He’s currently either touring or being punched in the head by his daughter, Rose.

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