Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook.

Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook Unveil New "Pretend Problems" Podcast

Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook.
Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook.

Comedians Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook have teamed up for a new podcast, Pretend Problems.

What's the new podcast, Pretend Problems, about?

The actively touring comics, who both have hosted their own podcasts previously, also happen to be in a relationship with one another. Since they've been dating, "they’re always trying to pick their battles when it comes to living together and working together."


In their new show, "they open up about arguments they've overcome, communication strategies that they love and hate, blended family dynamics, navigating being apart on tour, and more."


The teaser of the first episode shows Cook explaining to Daniels "Her Rule of Three," where she shares "if I see you do something that rubs me the wrong way," she'll make a note of it and won't talk about it unless it happens three times.

How to listen & watch the Pretend Problems podcast.

Listeners who are looking for dating advice can write in to, where they'll both weigh in on whether or not something feels like a real or pretend problem. The first episode is out now, with new ones premiering every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts & streaming on Daniels' YouTube channel.


The new podcast is produced under All Things Comedy Podcast Network, joining the likes of fellow comedy podcasts such as Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, Anthony Jeselnik’s Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project, Jim Jeffries' I Don't Know About That, Stavros Halkias' Stravy's World, Bobby Lee & Khayla Kuhn's Tigerbelly & more.


The debut of Pretend Problems follows the premiere of Chad Daniels' newest special Mixed Reviews (streaming now for free on YouTube) as well as Kelsey Cook's latest special, The Hustler (also streaming for free on YouTube).

Looking for more comedy from Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook?

Stream & download Kelsey Cook's comedy albums The Hustler & Savor It on 800 Pound Gorilla!


Stream & download Chad Daniels' specials & albums Twelth NightDad Chaniels, & Fingerprints on the Moon on 800 Pound Gorilla!

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