Tom Segura, Sam Jay, Marlon Wayans, & Matt Rife at Variety's Stand-Up Comedy Roundtable.

Watch: Sam Jay, Marlon Wayans, Tom Segura, & Matt Rife Talk With Variety’s Clayton Davis

Variety asked Sam Jay, Marlon Wayans, Tom Segura, and Matt Rife to join Clayton Davis for a brief but passionate discussion of the supposed death of comedy, terrible gigs, bombing, putting in the work, and the beauty of the art form. On that last point of discussion, Marlon Wayans offers that “Doing stand-up teaches you how to be a writer, how to be a producer, how be a star, and how to be a director, every night.” 


Overall, the comics concurred that comedy is not dead, and that stand-ups can still bring audiences along on divisive jokes.


Sam Jay mentioned that an approach to certain topics is an artistic choice, and that “You know when it’s being divisive. You know when you’re leaning too hard one way or the other. You know when it’s imbalanced, and so when people do get that way, you’re not like ‘what,’ because you’re like, ‘I’m not telling the joke right yet.’” Whether a comic wants to be reckless or test the audience, the four agreed that intent is something an audience can sense.

Sam Jay, Marlon Wayans, Tom Segura, & Matt Rife shared their excitement for the new Stand-Up Comedy category at this year's Golden Globes.

Every comic seemed thrilled that The Golden Globes are considering stand-up as its own worthy awards category this year. Vulnerability comes up, and the tenacity it takes to get on stage.


Tom Segura perhaps puts it best, saying, “People in entertainment still see stand-up as, like, the lowest run. Like we’re fucking circus jugglers. There’s a whole bunch of actresses that like, you know, Sam could do their role. But they can’t do what she does. This is a great step that they’re actually going to consider [it].”  

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