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Comedy On Tour: Ali Siddiq, Leanne Morgan & More Gear Up For Spring Tours

Comedy On Tour, presented by 800 Pound Gorilla News, is THE weekly editorial piece to find all the latest and greatest comedy tours you need to know about and get tickets to. This week's lineup features the most fantastic comics in the game: Leanne Morgan, Ali Siddiq, Stavros Halkias, Heather McMahan & Pauly Shore. Let's dive in!

Leanne Morgan: Just Getting Started

The tour’s name was inspired by Leanne Morgan’s career which started serendipitously 22 years ago when the mother of three realized her calling was in making people laugh.  At midlife, Leanne is truly just getting started and hopes that she can inspire others to feel the same. It’s never too late to start something that you love!


The comedian’s unique brand of comedy is grounded in her relatability and her no holds barred descriptions of motherhood (i.e.; What to do when puberty turns your children into monsters), dieting (i.e.; When it’s almost summer and you don’t have a bikini body), and marriage (i.e.; Two things that make a man happy), etc. all delivered with her sweet Southern charm.


“I named my second tour “Just Getting Started” because I’m a 50-something mother and grandmother that’s having the time of my life!  This is a dream come true! I truly feel like I am in the prime of my life. I’ve had the honor to travel to 100 cities across this great country performing in front of my fans who feel like my best friends. I’ll be sharing more stories of my real life, my family and my experiences and I hope people will still come away from this new hour saying, “this is my life- is Leanne spying on me??’” says Morgan.

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Ali Siddiq: I Got A Story To Tell

Ali Siddiq is stand-up comedian and public speaker. Ali’s unique style of stand-up began behind the walls of incarceration, an incubator for interesting experiences and good stories. In 2022, Ali released two new hour specials, "THE DOMINO EFFECT" on YouTube and "UNPROTECTED SETS" on EPIX. To date, "THE DOMINO EFFECT" has over 10 million views, ranking it in the top 5 most watched comedy specials of the last year. In 2023, Ali released "THE DOMINO EFFECT 2: LOSS," the sequel to his viral stand-up special, on YouTube which already has over 3 million views to date.

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Pauly Shore: Stick With The Dancing

Stick with the Dancing: Stories from my Childhood is a one man show from Pauly Shore

The actor and comedian intimately talks about his life, career, ups and downs, growing up and being raised by comedians at The Comedy StoreBeverly Hills High SchoolMTV days, opening for Sam Kinison, Playboy Mansion, and much more.

This is not traditional stand-up comedy.

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Stavros Halkias: The Fat Rascal Tour

Stavros Halkias is a comedian, actor, and writer. His debut special, “Live at the Lodge Room” has currently garnered over 3.3 million views. He’s appeared in Comedy Central’s Stand Up Featuring series and recently starred in the independent film Salesmen. He’s trying to get just famous enough to buy his mother a nice home and then quit show business to open a surf and turf restaurant in East Baltimore. 

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Heather McMahan: The Comeback Tour

Named “The Next Big Thing” in a recent profile by The Hollywood Reporter, Heather McMahan is back on the road bringing the giggles nationwide. A beloved standup comedian, podcaster (ABSOLUTELY NOT WITH HEATHER MCMAHAN), and the best friend everyone wants, Heather has seen her popularity skyrocket with fans and the industry falling for her voice, wit and southern flair. Recent appearances include guest stints on THE TODAY SHOW, Netflix’s JANE FONDA & LILY TOMLIN: LADIES NIGHT LIVE and the Netflix feature LOVE HARD. Heather is currently developing a half-hour comedy for NBC based on her life.

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