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“Drake And Josh” Co-stars Josh Peck & Nancy Sullivan Comment On “Quiet On Set” Documentary

Unless you’ve been staying off the internet this week until this very moment, you’re likely familiar with Quiet on Set. On Sunday, a 4-part docu-series on the abuse suffered on the set of Nickelodeon shows premiered.

The show highlighted a variety of abusers, most notably Dan Schneider, who was once hailed as “The Norman Lear of Children’s Programming.” It showcases some of the nature of what went on onscreen and behind the scenes as being unsuitable for children to watch, let alone participate in. This includes various scenes with adult overtones, and a fascination with feet.

The documentary’s centerpiece, however, is Drake and Josh star Drake Bell. Bell publicly talks about the sexual abuse he suffered on the network for the first time by dialogue coach, Brian Peck. Peck - who has no relation to Josh Peck - was eventually arrested in 2003, and Bell went to court to testify against him. However, his identity was never known until now.

The heartbreaking documentary has been the subject of discussion on the internet. This is because many of them are now adults that stem from a generation that grew up on these sitcoms on the network. But the people we hadn’t yet heard from was Bell’s co-stars. Now, some of them have released statements.

What Josh Peck is saying about "Quiet on Set."

First, Josh Peck just released a statement on social media. It reads, “I finished the Quiet On Set documentary and took a few days to process it. I reached out to Drake privately, but want to give my support for the survivors who were brave enough to share their stories of emotional and physical abuse on Nickelodeon sets with the world. Children should be protected. Reliving this publicly is incredibly difficult, but I hope it can bring healing for the victims and their families as well as necessary change to our industry.”

What Nancy Sullivan is saying about "Quiet on Set."

Bell’s mom on the show - played by Nancy Sullivan - also just spoke out in a statement. She said, “They weren't my real kids, but I'll always love them. It broke my heart into a million pieces to hear just how much Drake was holding inside while we were working together. I was both devastated and proud seeing the man he's grown into sit down on camera and bravely tell his truth. Past abuse doesn't define us, and it has no right to rule our lives, I know that putting this burden down will free him in so many ways. I hope memories of the joy he had on our shows will someday greatly overshadow the pain. Sending love to Drake for a deep healing and for a rich and beautiful life ahead.”

Our hearts stand with all of the victims who decided to step forward in the documentary and beyond. 

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