Sweet Dreams.

Johnny Knoxville, Bobby Lee, & Theo Von Star In The New Comedy, “Sweet Dreams”

Johnny Knoxville is heading back to the big screen in a new film, Sweet Dreams. And he’s bringing some familiar comedy faces with him, including Bobby Lee, Mo Amer, and Theo Von.

“Forced into rehab at Sweet Dreams recovery center,” the official synopsis reads, “Morris (Knoxville) struggles to confront the wreckage of his life. But when their house goes up for auction, he reluctantly agrees to coach their misfit softball team of recovering addicts to win a cash prize and prove that everyone, despite their past, can hit a home run.”

The movie comes from writer-director, Lije Sarki, who produced the 2019 indie dramedy, The Peanut Butter Falcon. Rounding out the cast is GaTa, Brian Van Holt, Jonnie Park, Shakewell, Adam Faison, Erik Anthony Gonzalez, Beth Grant, Jay Mohr & Kate Upton.

The film features a pretty heft cast of comedians, so we have some high hopes for it.

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When does the movie "Sweet Dreams" release?

Sweet Dreams hits theaters on April 12th.

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Can’t believe that’s Shakewell, I’m hyped the most for him


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