Josh Johnson on The Daily Show.

Josh Johnson Makes "The Daily Show" Debut As The Show's Newest Correspondent

For the past couple weeks, the Comedy Central staple series & fan favorite late night show The Daily Show has been back with new episodes in an even newer format since the show's previous host Trevor Noah left at the end of 2022.

Since the show's 2024 return on February 12th, we saw the triumphant & epic return of the show's longtime host Jon Stewart come back to The Daily Show desk in a unique move to host the show exclusively on Mondays as well as executive produce throughout the week. During the show's other three nights, each of the show's current late night correspondents have been taking their turn as the host throughout the week.

So far this year we've seen Stewart, Jordan Klepper, Desi Lydic, Michael Kosta, Dulcé Sloan & Ronny Chieng take their turn behind the desk, where they each take turns analyzing the biggest stories in news, politics, and culture through the show's sharp, satirical lens. And this past Tuesday night, we saw the official news correspondent debut from the hilarious New York comic & stand-up comedian, Josh Johnson.

Josh Johnson's correspondent debut on The Daily Show was hilarious & brilliant.

Johnson's been a writer on the show since 2017 and has been killing it as a stand-up with his latest comedy special on Peacock, Up Here Killing Myself, as well as his popular Josh Johnson Show Podcast.

While Daily Show & comedy fans have been able to see his work from behind the scenes as a talented writer, Johnson's been bound to make an appearance on the show at some point given his natural charisma & solid comedic chops when performing stand-up. And his official debut as a correspondent this week did not disappoint.

In his first proper appearance as a correspondent, this week's host Ronny Chieng pointed it over to him live from Sesame Street to discuss the country's current state of shrinkflation, where companies make the size of their products smaller without cutting prices, via the Cookie Monster's point of view on the growing price of cookies.

And without a doubt after watching, Johnson absolutely crushed with his funny sensibilities when Chieng inquired about the Cookie Monster's battle with inflation. The funniest take he gives is his thought on why the Cookie Monster would even care about shrinkflation given his limited vocabulary almost exclusively includes "me" and "cookie." He brilliantly questions "who taught him 'shrinkflation'?" in the most deadpan manner that makes this bit work so well.

Chieng also does a fantastic job as the host not just going back & forth with Johnson, but also carrying through each of these segments like the pro he is from this past Tuesday's episode. Watch it in full & experience it for yourself.

We're looking forward to seeing more from Johnson & what the rest of the Daily Show news team has in store as they continue to carry us with excellence through the 2024 election cycle!

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