Eric Idle.

Eric Idle Announces SF Sketchfest Show “May Be My Last”

If you’ve ever wanted to see a comedy legend up close, this is your chance. Eric Idle - one of the members of the iconic Monty Python troupe - will be performing at SF Sketchfest in San Francisco. And he notes that this very well could be his final live appearance. 

On January 18th, Idle will be performing a show he’s spent the last two months working on with Jeff B. Davis. According to Idle, the show will feature “my favourite sketches, songs, film clips, singalongs, and a Python premiere.”

He then adds that “It may be the last show I ever do. Now it’s your turn. Please come say farewell.”

Eric Idle & Monty Python's impact on today's comedy.

Monty Python has shaped so much of what we know as modern comedy, and has influenced everything from Saturday Night Live to The Simpsons to South Park, to comedians like Steve Martin, Eddie Izzard, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, John Oliver, and hundreds of others. So it’s a great treat to get to hear some of your favorite Python songs live and see some of your favorite sketches live, with Idle there!

How to get tickets to SF Sketchfest 2024.

Tickets and the entire stacked schedule for SF Sketchfest can be found here

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