Everybody Hates Chris & Chris Rock.

The Animated "Everybody Hates Chris" Revival Is Coming This Fall With Chris Rock Returning To Narrate

Courtesy of the CW & Comedy Central. Rock photo credit: Corey Nickols.

A new class of the Rock family is returning to Bed-Stuy this Fall!

The hit sitcom Everybody Hates Chris is getting an animated revival with the help of Comedy Central set to premiere later this Fall. And now its been confirmed that Chris Rock is headed back to the vocal booth to narrate the story of his life and join the voice cast for Everybody Still Hates Chris, the animated reboot based on the hit live action comedy series that aired on the CW from 2005-2009. Rock will also return to executive produce the animated series.

From what we know about the show so far, it'll follow similarly to the original show where Rock will narrate stories “inspired by his real life experience growing up as a skinny nerd in a large working-class family in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, during the late 1980s.”

Joining Rock in the voice cast are Terry Crews & Tichina Arnold, who will be reprising their roles from the original show as Julius & Rochelle respectively. Rounding out the rest of the voice cast is Tim Johnson Jr. (playing young Chris), Ozioma Akagha (playing Chris' sister Tonya), Terrence Little Gardenhigh (playing Chris' brother Drew) and Gunnar Sizemore (playing Chris' friend Greg).

What they're saying about the Everybody Hates Chris revival.

“I’m very excited to introduce the world to another funny side of my childhood,” said Rock in a statement.

“I wanted this job to get free tickets to a Chris Rock stand up show, but we ended up making something we’re proud of that is true to the original series we all loved,” said showrunner & executive producer Sanjay Shah.

And if you're a fan of Big Mouth, you're in luck. Because the same animation studio behind that hit animated Netflix series, Titmouse, will be creating the animation.

Also executive producing with Rock & Shah are Ali LeRoi, Michael Rotenberg, Dave Becky, Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Antonio Canobbio & Ben Kalina.

Expect a first look at the new show & a premiere date later this year on Comedy Central!

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