Cora Bora. Courtesy of Brainstorm Media.

Megan Stalter And Manny Jacinto Comedy “Cora Bora” Sold To Brainstorm Media

Cora Bora.
Cora Bora. Courtesy of Brainstorm Media.

A new film starring Megan Stalter and Manny Jacinto has found distribution rights.

Details on "Cora Bora" starring Manny Jacinto & Megan Stalter.

Cora Bora premiered earlier this year at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Directed by Hannah Pearl Utt and written by Rhianon Jones, the film “follows a struggling musician named Cora, whose open relationship is on the rocks. So she goes home to Portland to win back her girlfriend and salvage her love life.”

Rounding out the talented cast is Jojo T. Gibbs, Chelsea Peretti, Margaret Cho, Heather Morris, and Darrell Hammond.

Brainstorm Media has picked up the distribution rights for the indie comedy in the US. It is expected to hit theaters in February 2024.

“We are delighted to share ‘Cora Bora’ with audiences,” says Brainstorm Media CEO Michelle Shwarzstein. “Hannah Pearl Utt and Rhianon Jones have created a fun and hilarious story which explores the complexities of love and self-identity. Cora is the type of flawed yet relatable character whom we don’t get to see reflected on screen nearly enough.”

“I’m thrilled for audiences to get to see Meg in a leading role and to fall for her character the way I have,” says Utt. I feel lucky to have such warm and collaborative partners in Brainstorm as we find our way into audiences’ hearts.”

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