Nick Offerman: American Ham.

Nick Offerman Holds Nothing Back With Classic & Ultra-Masculine Special, "American Ham"

800 Pound Gorilla has your stand-up comedy cravings covered (including bacon & every meat imaginable). As we're nearing the end of Worldwide Comedy Month, we're ecstatic to be adding Nick Offerman's fantastic debut comedy special, American Ham, to our ever growing catalog of hilarious stand-up specials to enjoy.

Filmed in 2014 at New York City’s historic Town Hall, this comedy special finds the actor-comic talking about religion, sex, the books of J.R.R. Tolkien & features anecdotes, songs and woodworking/oral-sex techniques from the brilliant mind of the expert woodworker. American Ham is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and also features his wife & actress Megan Mullally.

In Offerman's own words, this special is full of "Handkerchiefs. Red meat. Minor nudity. In my first comedy special, I enumerate my '10 tips for Delicious Living'. I gained about 30 pounds for this show, so as to appear more relatable."

Offerman adds, “Members of our modern society who find themselves depressed and listless, or find their passions in life unfulfilled by modern technology and social networking, will receive 10 tips for prosperity from me [from American Ham]. It’s somewhat of a jackass’ guide to the good life.”

If you loved his work as the incomparable Ron Swanson on the hit NBC comedy Parks And Recreation, this is a special you need to watch. Beyond his debut special, the multi-talented humorist continues to lend his acting chops in the recently released comedy films Dumb Money, Candy Cane Lane & the action war film, Civil War.

How to watch Nick Offerman's "American Ham" comedy special.

Nick Offerman's comedy special, American Ham, is available to watch today on 800 Pound Gorilla!

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