Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Watch: Seth Meyers Celebrates 10 Years Of "Late Night" With Inaugural Guests Amy Poehler & President Joe Biden

Amy Poehler, President Joe Biden Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
Amy Poehler, President Joe Biden Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Courtesy of NBC. photo credit: Lloyd Bishop.

Last night marked a monumental milestone for both NBC & late night television. Beloved comic & late night host, Seth Meyers, celebrated 10 years of his late night talk show, Late Night With Seth Meyers. It was also around this same time Meyers' friend, colleague & previous podcast co-host, Jimmy Fallon, celebrated 10 years of his current gig as the host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

To celebrate this massive achievement on Late Night, Meyers brought back his inaugural guests from the show's debut broadcast in 2014. Sitting next to Meyers was longtime collaborator, friend & Parks & Recreation star Amy Poehler & with her she brought President Joe Biden. On the debut episode, he was Vice President & also previously appeared opposite Leslie Knope in a cameo in Poehler's feel-good government sit-com.

Of course, Poehler was the one who was able to get President Biden on the show over Seth regarding "his now bigger job" making him unavailable. She jokingly responds "you coudn't get him? Oh, I could get him." Then calls out towards the studio audience "Hey, Mr. President?" and out walks the Commander In Chief.

Watch the Seth Meyers reunion with Amy Poehler & President Biden.

The first thing fans would notice in this pinnacle episode is Meyers brought back what is now a rare appearance in his suit. Beginning in 2020, he held back the suit for obvious reasons during COVID when hosting the show from home and then he eventually altogether stepped back the wardrobe with a more business casual appearance. One of the other few moments he's worn it includes David Letterman's 2022 appearance during the 40th anniversary of NBC's Late Night franchise.

With the President appearing on the show last night & the landmark milestone, it makes sense why he brought it back here. This will leave fans wondering if this new decade ahead means he'll start sporting the OG look.

One thing's for certain is the three of them know how to have a good time and take a joke, making this such a fun full circle moment for late night TV. After welcoming back the President, Meyers asked if he thought the show was gonna still be on 10 years later and blatantly responds "No" then bursting in chuckles. Biden then continues to poke fun at his viral Dark Brandon Meme & supposed Taylor Swift conspiracy theories.

Overall, this was a fun celebration of the past 10 years with hopefully another 10 to come. Setting political views aside, President Biden has a gift of speaking positively & hopefully about the future of the nation making this a heartwarming reunion to watch. Maybe on the next reunion, Poehler can actually pop out from under the desk like she teased the last time.

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