Tina Fey & Aubrey Plaza.

Comedy Leads Big In Super Bowl 58 Commercials With Cameos From Tina Fey, Aubrey Plaza & More

Tina Fey & Aubrey Plaza.
Tina Fey in Booking.com & Aubrey Plaza in Mountain Dew.

Last night’s Super Bowl & the funny comedy spots were ones not to miss!

Every year, the world’s biggest brands whip out their lavish ad budgets to take the screen in the very limited & very expensive ad spots during the year’s most televised sporting event. Besides the big win from the Kansas City Chiefs and the knockout, nostalgic & incredible halftime show from Usher, there were all the funny commercials featuring cameos from some of the biggest names in comedy & Hollywood.

This year’s lineup of super bowl commercials did not disappoint. From all the TV sitcom reunions, to the very off the wall stunts & moments, these commercials made last night’s game one to remember.

Take a look at some of the standout super bowl comedy commercials from last night’s game!

Aubrey Plaza & Nick Offerman | Mountain Dew

Parks & Recreation co-stars Aubrey Plaza & Nick Offerman reunited for a new campaign from Mountain Dew where Plaza makes it visibly known that “she’s having a blast” drinking her Baja Blast.

Plaza’s signature deadpan stylings don’t go unnoticed while she’s so convincingly ‘having a blast’ being hit by noodles at a kid’s party, stuck in an elevator, being probed by aliens while drinking PepsiCo’s signature drink (definitely giving April Ludgate energy). Her reunion with Offerman sporting a similar Ron Swanson mustache while riding on dragons & having a blast was the perfect way to close this 30-second spot.

Ken Jeong | Popeye’s

If you were cryogenically frozen, there’s quite a bit that’d be a revelation to you. At least it was to Ken Jeong in the Popeye’s commercial last night. After being frozen for 52 years, we see Jeong encounter motorized scooters, a self-driving car, a massage chair, and more, all while never dropping his chicken.

Michael Cera | CeraVe

Last night, Michael Cera gave competing moisturizer brands Neutrogena & Clinique a run for their money with his brilliant & perfect spot promoting CeraVe (the brand whose name is so closely tied to Cera’s, it was essentially made for him).

The truth about his supposed cream line he claimed to start was ultimately “hiding in plain sight” he says. This spot progressively gets more off the walls as he goes on to moisturize himself (not the way you think, on his back) & then moisturizes a mountain he’s hydrating & bouldering on the side.

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito | State Farm

For years, there’s been talk about a potential sequel to the 1980’s hit comedy, Twins. They were initially supposed to do a sequel titled Triplets, which unfortunately fell apart with the tragic passing of writer/director Ivan Reitman.

Instead, fans got a bit of a reunion last night when star Arnold Schwarzenegger did a commercial for State Farm. After having difficulty delivering his lines, his Twins co-star Danny DeVito stepped in to help out. It may not be the reunion we’ve expected, but it definitely is enough to tide us over until something else comes along.

Tina Fey with Glenn Close, Jack McBrayer & Jane Krakowski | Booking.com

With all of the reunions that happen in Super Bowl ads, one of last night's ads featured a pretty fun one. Tina Fey appeared in a Booking.com commercial that features fun cameos from some of her 30 Rock co-stars, including Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski, as well as a cameo from Glenn Close. It was further proof of how much we need more 30 Rock.

Kate McKinnon & Pete Davidson | Hellmann's

Kate McKinnon has been known to be a funny feline lover since the beginning of her run as a cast member on Saturday Night Live in her recurring Whiskers R We sketch as well as her Pet Rescue commercial sketch. So seeing her star in a commercial for Hellmann’s mayonnaise opposite her cat that can only simply say “maaayyo” and later become the biggest influencer, so big this cat went out with Pete Davidson (who also appears in this very clever & well played spot)!

Jennifer Anniston & David Schwimmer | Uber Eats

Friends fans rejoiced as Jennifer Anniston & David Schwimmer reunited in a well played & star-studded Uber Eats commercial with David Beckham, Jelly Roll & of course, Usher. Anniston opens the spot by getting her order from a production assistant on a Hollywood set who’s impressed with the stuff she was able to order. Anniston tells her, “well you know what they say, ‘in order to remember something, you gotta forget something else - make a little room.’”

Eric Andre | Drumstick

The fact that Eric Andre hasn’t been tapped to do a really wild Super Bowl commercial by this point is beyond us. Last night for Super Bowl LVIII, our wishes partially came true as Andre was the center of a commercial for Drumsticks. While it may have been more contained than we would’ve expected with Andre in the lead - featuring Andre on an airplane - it’s still a pretty good watch!

Zach Braff & Donald Faison | T-Mobile

Last year, Zach Braff and Donald Faison partnered up with John Travolta for a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile to the tune of Summer Nights from Grease. Last night, Braff and Faison teamed up with Jason Momoa for a brand-new commercial. This one was a send-up of Flashdance, complete with Momoa doing the iconic pose at the end.

Dan Levy & Heidi Gardner | Homes.com

Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy & Saturday Night Live’s Heidi Gardner teamed up with Homes.com in a new spot where Levy sets the stage for getting ready to take over for the company from his great uncle, where a majority of the board members are terrified of what’s next.

In his video presentation, the duo demonstrate how comprehensive their Homes platform has become with its agent directory. This visually hilarious spot features more cameos from rapper Lil Wayne, the local schools top expert, & of course, Apartments.com spokesperson & funny actor, Jeff Goldblum.

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