Please Don't Destroy.

Please Don't Destroy Enlists Dunkin' Donuts As Their "New Coffee Machine" For Funny New Sketch

Courtesy of NBC/Instagram.

While summer indeed has its perks for this season, it truly isn't the same like the rest of the year's seasons. Notably Fall & Spring because that's when Saturday Night Live is on the air and not in between seasons. But luckily today, we have the brilliant & hilarious sketch comedy trio Please Don't Destroy (comprised of Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy & John Higgins) giving comedy fans just the right sketch fix we need with a new Dunkin' Donuts partnered sketch that was posted on Instagram this morning.

Watch the Please Don't Destroy & Dunkin' Donuts sketch!

The new sketch finds John waking up in their apartment one morning to Martin & Ben chilling in their living room when John notices something unusual in their kitchen: there's a full fledged Dunkin' Donuts operation going on with neon lights, a register & everything with what appear to be real employees and not actors.

The barista shouts "small iced coffee for Ben" to which John asks "what is this?" Ben then says "oh, we got a new coffee machine" John still confused then asks "is it a full Dunkin?" Martin then sarcastically replies, "uh, no, it's a french press" leaving the whole room pointing fingers at John chuckling at the obviousness of the situation.

The sketch goes on to reach new bizarrely strange levels of weird including mandatory bathroom key & construction worker encounters in their apartment. Overall, this bit serves as a reminder as to why we and so many comedy fans love PDD (and how they built their following online from the beginning making home sketch videos like this one). This Please Don't Destroy & Dunkin' Donuts collaboration was certainly one we didn't know we needed until we saw it.

Following the release of their latest film, Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain, the trio will be back this fall to ring in SNL's 50th season later this year.

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