Dave Hill at Sketchfest 2024.

Recapping Dave Hill, Doug Loves Movies, And Celebrity Autobiography From SF Sketchfest 2024

Dave Hill at SF Sketchfest 2024.
Dave Hill at SF Sketchfest 2024.

Last weekend, we attended the first weekend for SF Sketchfest. Fans from all over turned out to see much of what the comedy community had to offer. Now let’s take a look back - an entire week - to a few more favorites that we saw at SF Sketchfest.

Dave Hill: A Caveman in a Spaceship

If you’ve never seen Dave Hill before, you’re definitely in for a huge treat once you finally do get to see him. I walked in pretty blind, but I knew that something pretty epic was in store. When Hill hit the stage, immediately it became clear going in blind was the right call. Backed by fire on a projection screen, Hill - dressed in a blue denim jumpsuit - brandished nunchucks and started shredding on guitar, all within the first 60 seconds. That sort of tells you everything you need to know about what you’re in for. His show is an amazing mashup of rock and roll and hilarious non-sequiturs. (The last 10 minutes features a fantastic riff on the 12 Days of Christmas).

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Doug Loves Movies

Doug Benson was one of the earliest adapters to the podcasting form, starting back in 2006. He’s gone onto become a staple of the medium, and it’s easy to see why his show is still as great today as it was 18 years ago. He has a knack for surrounding himself with amazing panelists talking about all things movies, and this show was no exception. Featured in this episode were Geoff Tate, Arden Myrin, Amy Schneider, Chad Opitz, and Anna Roisman. If you’re a fan of movies, you’re probably already familiar with the podcast. But if not, well then put that on your to-do list!

Celebrity Autobiography

Celebrity Autobiography is a staple of New York and LA, so it’s fun to see it out of its natural habitat. Basically the conceit is simple. A group of celebrities take turns reading passages from autobiographies by other celebrities. You’ll be amazed at how quickly something that wasn’t intended to be funny becomes hysterical once you take it out of context. This show featured an impressive lineup consisting of Thomas Lennon, Tony Hale, Jennifer Tilly, Dulce Sloan, Laraine Newman, and more!

How to watch more from this year's SF Sketchfest.

Bummed that you can’t make it to SF Sketchfest? The good news is the comedy can come directly to you. The festival has partnered with Veeps, who will be live-streaming some of the remaining events from the fest. Find out more here!

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