Season 7 of Rick And Morty. Courtesy of Adult Swim.

This Week in Comedy: “Rick and Morty” Returns For Season Seven

Season 7 of Rick And Morty. Courtesy of Adult Swim.
Season 7 of Rick And Morty. Courtesy of Adult Swim.

This Week In Comedy: The long-awaited return of Rick and Morty is finally here. The show has been the subject of a bit of additional this season, with the firing of the show’s creator/voice actor Justin Roiland. While we don’t know who the new actor taking on the titular characters is, we hope the show will still be able to maintain its hilarious charm that fans have come to know and love.

Also this week, one of the most notoriously bad TV shows of all times is premiering on YouTube. Turn-On was a show that premiered on February 5th, 1969, and lasted for all of that episode. (The second episode was taped but not released). Created by George Schlatter, the show will be making its digital premiere on YouTube today.

Finally, Saturday Night Live will be returning to the air for the first time since May. The show has been given the blessing from the SAG strike to continue, and will have the entire cast returning for the 49th season. First up, Pete Davidson comes back to the show to host it, with musical guest Ice Spice.


Turn-On premieres on YouTube


Sean Patton: Number One premieres on our 800 Pound Gorilla YouTube channel (ex-US)


Harriet Kemsley: Woman Child debuts exclusively on 800 Pound Gorilla


Todd Barry releases his comedy album, Domestic Shorthair


Pete Davidson hosts and Ice Spice performs on Saturday Night Live on NBC


Rick and Morty return to Adult Swim

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