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Tom Ballard's Joyous & Raucous New Special, "It Is I," Is A Must Watch

Australian comedian Tom Ballard has been a mainstay in the comedy world for nearly the last two decades from his runs as a stand-up, radio broadcaster, host, & actor. He previously hosted two popular shows the breakfast show in triple j & his late night show Tonightly with Tom Ballard. And now, following this past year's debut of his latest show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Ballard is ready to premiere his newest comedy special, It Is I, available now on 800 Pound Gorilla's YouTube channel.

In Tom's latest stand-up special, nominated for Most Outstanding Show at the 2023 Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Australia-based comic performs a full hour of jokes about witches, monarchy and death. Ballard jokes in the special's trailer about how "his comedy destroys everything" (even his watch in the special's intro).

It Is I was taped this past year at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, produced by Stupid Old Studios and follows his previous hour long special, Enough, released in 2022. This new special was met with rave 4 & 5 star reviews from TimeOut, OutInPerth, Chortle, The Age & The Scotsman just to name a few.

Ballard can now actively be heard & seen hosting his podcast Serious Danger with co-host Emerald Moon, where the two talk about "our broken political system and its greatest threat: the Greens." He's also working his next show, Good Point Well Made, on tour now.

How to watch "Tom Ballard: It Is I."

Watch Tom Ballard's new special, It Is I, on YouTube for free. It's also available for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla!

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