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Brent Pella Is Taking Us On A Journey With His New Special, “Conscious Bro”

Brent Pella has carved out a pretty great niche for himself as a unique stand-up onstage, coupled with wanting to take audiences on a trippy journey through storytelling that they’ll never forget. Now, Pella is set to bring his debut stand-up special - Conscious Bro - to 800 Pound Gorilla.

Everything you need to know about "Conscious Bro."

In a uniquely visual comedy special, Brent Pella hilariously navigates spirituality, modern culture, and the absurdities of adulthood with a high-energy, multi-media show that takes viewers on a psychedelic trip through the mind of a guy trying to figure it all out.

Brent’s debut special Conscious Bro weaves between stories, characters and observations from Brent’s attempts to expand his consciousness, ranging from eating an entire bottle of Flintstones vitamins, to experiencing Ayahuasca for the first time, to the trust issues he’s developed toward the US government, and why you should never look left first thing in the morning.

Get to know Brent Pella.

Cited as a “Creator to Watch” by the New York Comedy Festival, Pella has managed to carve out a solid reputation for himself as a performer. His stand-up videos have gone viral and garnered over 50 million views to date, and counting. With a background in both stand-up and improv - he was a graduate of the UCB and The Groundlings - his comedy satirizes culture and American politics. He is also a solid impressionist, with stellar impressions of Gavin Newsome, Eminem, and Joe Rogan under his belt, among many others.

Currently, Pella is a cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. He also hosts the Good Trip Podcast, which is a 10-part series about all things psychedelics. Some of his podcast guests have included Rock Doblin, David Bronner, and many others.

How to watch Brent Pella's "Conscious Bro."

Brent Pella: Conscious Bro premieres tonight at 7 PM CT on our YouTube channel. Tune in tonight on YouTube or purchase here on 800 Pound Gorilla!

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