Kevin Casey White.

Watch Kevin Casey White's Dynamically Hilarious Debut Comedy Special, 'Harangue'

Kevin Casey White.
Kevin Casey White. Photo credit: Andrew Thomas.

800 Pound Gorilla, home to dozens of hilarious stand-up comedy specials & albums, is pleased to add another killer new comedy special to the ever growing 800PG comedy universe with Brooklyn-based comedian Kevin Casey White 's debut stand-up special, Harangue.

In this debut special, White is never afraid to go off script and takes big swings that result in bigger payoffs as he interviews a stood-up attendee, teases everything from Joe Rogan to ceiling fans, and explores the consequences of doing nice things for bad people.

As White puts it, Harangue was taped at "a weird little punk rock comedy club" better known The Comedy Corner Underground in Minneapolis. The comic teamed with director Peter Stepnoski (Mark Normand's Soup to Nuts & Sam Morril's Same Time Tomorrow on Netflix) to perfectly capture the chaotic feel of a real, live comedy show.

Getting to the other side of having this finished product is a testament to the power of a self motivational note White wrote in his NY apartment while working to become a full-time stand-up comedian.

White shared in a statement, “I was working a dead end job waiting tables at a crappy sports bar in Manhattan, and I was miserable. My buddy, comic J.F. Harris told me ‘No one is coming to save us.’ The days of Carson calling you over to the couch are long gone. I wrote ‘Kevin Casey White is recording an album this year’ on a scrap of paper, which I hung next to my door.”

And thank goodness that motivational note worked!

How to watch Kevin Casey White: Harangue.

Kevin Casey White's debut comedy special, Harangue is available now to watch for free on YouTube, for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla & everywhere else you stream comedy!

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