Dan Rath.

Watch Dan Rath's Exhilarating New Special, "I'm Not Doing Well Folks"

800 Pound Gorilla celebrates stand-up comedy from all over the world and is proudly home to so many brilliant stand-up specials from the funniest stand-ups across the world. And today, we are pleased to share a new comedy special from Australian comedian, Dan Rath, who's debuting his newest hour, I'm Not Doing Well Folks, today on YouTube.

The new special leaves fans determining their own expectation in this exhilarating & head-banging performance. All we know is "Dan Rath has enough parking ticket debt to cripple a small European country and has watched his car get cubed by the government. He has been disrespected and is bruised and battered with nothing to lose. His low status means he has heightened cortisol production and is not equipped to take a gentle ribbing. He has a diverse set of interests including prime numbers and hammers."

When performing the new show last summer at Edinburgh Fringe, Beyond the Joke called it "satisfying, cathartic and utterly offbeat humour...leaving you with enduring and very funny images that are hard to shake out of your mind."

In addition to performing stand-up, Rath can be seen co-hosting the Neurotic News podcast alongside fellow Australian & 800 Pound Gorilla comic Damien Power. Each week the two self-proclaimed "confused neurotics" break down the news with their signature style of dry humor.

How to watch "Dan Rath: I'm Not Doing Well Folks."

Watch Dan Rath's new special, I'm Not Doing Well Folks, on YouTube for free. It's also available for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla!

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I’m absolutely loving all the Australian releases – had no clue this scene was so good? Anything else coming out soon?

Not Steve Irwin

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