Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl on Prime Video.

Trevor Wallace To Premiere Debut Stand-Up Special 'Pterodactyl' On Prime Video

Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl on Prime Video.
Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl. Courtesy of Prime Video.

Comedian Trevor Wallace has been popping off in the stand-up & sketch comedy world for years through his viral videos on YouTube & TikTok (which have amassed 2.5 billion views across all platforms).

And now, the comic is set to release his very first stand-up special, Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl, on Prime Video November 14th.

Details on Trevor Wallace's first stand-up special, Pterodactyl.

The new hour was shot over the summer at The Paramount in Austin, TX. While many know the comic for his many hysterical characters and personas he's played online, his first special introduces you to the real-life characters he’s come face-to-face with in preparation for Pterodactyl.

We'll watch Wallace navigating male birth control, smoking oregano, his unique birds-and-the-bees talk, experiencing his first Buc-ee’s, the red flags of dating, and the worst thing you could ever order on a date.

You can catch Wallace hosting the Stiff Socks Podcast alongside Michael Blaustein & performing often at The Laugh Factory & The Improv in Los Angeles.

Tune in November 14th to Trevor Wallace's new special, Pterodactyl, on Prime Video!

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