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Looking Back At 20 Hilarious Clips From "Billy On The Street"

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Billy Eichner took to the streets interviewing everyone from pedestrians to A-List celebrities for roughly 6 years on the hilarious Funny or Die show, Billy On The Street. Since its ending in 2017, clips & questions from the show have become the source of some of TikTok’s biggest trends and put it on an even bigger map for a new audience of comedy fans. Some of the most hilarious moments from the show made it onto Billy Eichner’s TikTok, so here we hope to share with you the highlights. For more Billy On The Street, full episodes can now be found on Max.

Best Of Elena

Elena, a participant turned recurring role on Billy On The Street, is the source of some of the most iconic lines in the show. Here we share some of her best moments.

1. Elena as the Twitter bird - "I'm so happy"

@billyeichner Happy #MothersDay to one of my favorite people… the Mother of #billyonthestreet, Elena!! #bots ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

The mother of Billy On The Street returns to help Billy launch his twitter account. In a hilarious exchange and concern for her bangs, Elena delivers my personal favorite line with her deadpan delivery in a twitter bird costume, “I’m so happy.”

2. "I hate everyone"

After a rejection from a stranger, Billy and Elena walk away and Elena groans one of the most relatable moments from the show, “I hate everyone.”

3. "Who's your stalker?" "Tapioca"

@billyeichner Happy #MothersDay to one of my favorite people… the Mother of #billyonthestreet, Elena!! #bots ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

Like a lot of older people Elena is reluctant to get on the internet. When Billy asks why, she says she has a stalker. To which Billy asks the question we’re all thinking, “Who's your stalker?” and she replies with the last thing you would expect, “Tapioca.”

4. "I've never seen her in my life"

@billyeichner The legendary ELENA is back! To celebrate the opening of BROS today (!!!) I hit the street with Elena to spread the word, as only she can! ENJOY! GO SEE BROS!!!#brosmovie #billyonthestreet ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

If you’ve been in New York long enough, you’ll find one of the biggest cities in the world to feel not so big. In this instance when Billy and Elena ask a stranger a question, it turns out to be Elena’s neighbor but Elena pretends to know her, like we all would, but as soon as they leave she goes, “I’ve never seen her in my life.”

5. "Oh, I like the color of that bike"

When Elena and Billy are on the street, Billy loses Elena when he runs up to a stranger to ask a question. When Elena finally shows up, he asks her where she’s been, and she says she was just admiring a lady’s bike because she liked the color. This iconic moment must remind us to stop and admire the bikes.

Best Of Rejections

Often asking busy New Yorkers to pause for a second to answer a nonsense question is met with a harsh yet hilarious rejection. Billy On The Street is no exception to New York's sometimes prickly personality.




♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

When Billy first got on TikTok he went around asking if people followed him on TikTok. One lady said no, he asked why and she yells, “BECAUSE.” (Now that I’m writing it it doesn’t seem too funny but trust me just give it a watch).

2. "I don't like your attitude"

Finally someone matched Billy’s sass. In an exchange over whether Billy On The Street is TV or not, a participant replied, “I don’t like your attitude” with a very mobile finger to match Billy’s earlier gestures and she walks away as Billy says, “Well, I’m on TV” to which she responds, “Who gives a shit.”

3. “I’m trying to get the meat out of my dog's mouth.”

@billyeichner GET THE MEAT OUT OF YOUR DOG’S MOUTH, LADY!!! 🤣 #dogs #billyonthestreet ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

While this may not be a full rejection, the participant did not answer the question, instead providing an expose on why she can’t. That is because, “I’m trying to get the meat out of my dog's mouth.”

4. “I’m in a crisis right now, I can’t”

When Billy begins to ask one woman a question, she responds with what seems like a line from a meme, “I’m in a crisis right now, I can’t.” Billy runs away screaming about his own crisis of “becoming too famous too fast!”

5. "I'm a New Yorker and I'm about to be 64 and I have no health insurance..."

@billyeichner DON’T BE LIKE HER! GO GET YOUR TICKETS TO SEE BROS THIS FRIDAY!! #brosmovie #billyonthestreet ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

Billy On The Street covers everything, even the economy. When asked if she was going to seek Billy’s movie Bros, one woman says she can’t afford to because she’s a New Yorker whos about to be 64 and with no health insurance. Billy says, “well I didn’t ask for your whole life’s story” and she goes “tough shit.”

Best Of For A Dollar

Billy On The Street often features a segment where Billy asks people questions “for a dollar” which often ends or even begins with a squeal of terror when Billy aggressively approaches potential participants

1. "Guess the price of this pitcher"

Majority of the best for a dollar moments are a mixture of the question and the participant’s reaction but this one was all Billy. When the comedian approached a woman asking her to guess the price of a pitcher and said she gets to keep it if she’s right. When she guesses way above the price range, Eichner yells, “IT’S 12.99!” and smashes it against the wall.

2. "Miss I'm so sorry what does it feel like to be an elitist New York piece of shit?"

@billyeichner I’M A NEW YORK PIECE OF S%!T AND IT’S AWESOME! #bots #billyonthestreet ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

The origin of one of Billy’s more viral moments is this clip in which a New Yorker replies deadpan, “It feels awesome” to Billy asking, “Miss I'm so sorry what does it feel like to be an elitist New York piece of shit?”

3. "Name a woman"

Billy On The Street is also the origin of the TikTok trend to ask your loved ones to name a woman. The trend eventually morphed into women asking their significant others and if the answer was not them they would get mildly offended. While the original clip is of a woman freaking out that she can’t name a woman, the trend most likely began when Billy posted a video to TikTok asking people to duet with him to name a woman.

4. "Name 3 white people"

Billy also asked a stranger on the street to name 3 white people to which the woman could only name one before naming a certain Grammy Award winning artist.

5. “Bro, for a dollar, true or false masculinity is a prison”

@billyeichner HEY BRO, DID YOU KNOW BROS IS STREAMING NOW ON DEMAND?? LINK IN BIO! #billyonthestreet #brosmovie ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

In Billy’s campaign to advertise his movie Bros, Billy, Jason Sudeikis, and more dress up as bros and ask a man on the street if masculinity is a prison and when he says true, they celebrate in an ironically masculine fashion.

Best Of Celebrities

The highly unpredictable show has often featured many celebrity guests which resulted in some hysterical fan reactions as well as awkward moments where someone doesn’t recognize the star standing next to Billy.

1. Jonas Brothers: "WHAT ABOUT KEVIN!"

When Billy asks two women who their favorite Jonas brother is, they say “Nick” in unison. At this the other brothers walk away when one of the women yells after Joe, “I got love for you too, Joe!” and Billy yells, “WHAT ABOUT KEVIN!” as he storms off. 

2. Seth Rogen: "I don’t think he's funny at all"... “Well he's right here! Seth Rogen!”



♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

This time Billy has Seth Rogen hide behind a camera, acting as a cameraman when he asks a lady on the street who’s funnier, him or Seth Rogen and she says of Rogen, “I don’t think he's funny at all.” To this Billy announces Seth Rogen’s presence, “Well he’s right here! It’s Seth Rogen!” and Rogen lowers the camera with a pitiful smile and wave.

3. John Oliver: "Do gay people care about John Oliver?"

Billy also took John Oliver around asking gay people if they cared about John Oliver and if they liked Wendy Williams. Even if they knew who John Oliver was, they cared more for Wendy Williams.

4. Emma Stone: "Why couldn’t you be Emma Watson?!"

@billyeichner HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN OF NO SOCIAL MEDIA EMMA STONE. You’ll probably never see this. #emmastone #billyonthestreet ♬ original sound - Billy Eichner

When meeting Emma Stone, a fan turned out to confuse her with Emma Watson after a long winded exchange. Stone acts all embarrassed as Billy yells at her, “WHY COULDN’T YOU BE EMMA WATSON!”

5. Will Ferrell: "Which is better, 'Scrooge' or 'Elf'?"

This clip, like many of the clips involving celebrities, shows a woman in shock ask she meets her “hero” Will Ferrell when Billy Eichner asks her, “Which is better, scrooge or elf?” and she points to Ferrell and screams “ELF!” When Billy says she chose wrong, the woman just repeats, “ELF!” still pointing at Ferrell who points back at her, mute, and walks away.

Honorable Mentions

Latina Fey: The game show where Tina Fey has to name Latinx stars has the Emmy winner and SNL alum cackling.

Printer Problems: Billy asks random people why it says “add new printer” but the printer he wants doesn't come up.

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