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Ava Val Valiantly Takes The Stage In Her Debut Special “So Brave”

It all began when Ava Val came out to her father at a sports bar as trans. What followed was the sometimes awkward and even traumatizing experiences that often come with transitioning. Val valiantly reclaims these stories on the stage in her debut special So Brave.

Bra-sizings and catcalls gone wrong, oh my! Val shares her vibrantly vulnerable story as someone who used to be called ’bro’ but is now a woman in her thirties. Val’s set will have you violently laughing and it has earned her spots at festivals such as Just For Laughs, JFL Toronto and Vancouver, Off-JFL/Zoofest, the Winnipeg and Ha!ifax Comedy Festivals, The Arctic Comedy Festival, and many others. Val also has a writing job on the 30th season of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and her own podcast PodGis which has 131 episodes out now. The podcaster and comedian has all the ingredients of a rising comedic phenomenon. Val isn’t afraid to tell us what she wants, to be left alone. All the ‘slay’s, ‘work bitch’s, and ‘you’re so brave’s’ are beginning to be too much for Val. She lays it all out on the table in her new special So Brave.

Where to watch Ava Val’s “So Brave”

Ava Val’s So Brave premieres on YouTube for free at 7 PM CT. The special is also available for purchase  as well as the album for the special on 800 Pound Gorilla! 

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