Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh on Netflix.

Adam Sandler Stops Show For Medical Emergency

Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh on Netflix.
Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh. Courtesy of Netflix.

Adam Sandler kicked off his new tour last week. During one of the first incidents, an audience member had a medical emergency.

Adam Sandler got the crowd quiet at his San Jose show for the fan in the medical emergency.

According to TMZ, Sandler was performing at SAP Center in San Jose on Wednesday. In the middle of the show, an audience shouted out that there was a “medical emergency” in the crowd. Sandler immediately stopped the show and waited for paramedics to arrive. He made sure the audience member got the attention he needed, while keeping the crowd calm.

@electrictj Adam Sandler handling a medic situation at the show tonight is exactly how it is done! #adamsandler #adamsandlertiktok #comedy #sweet #medic #adamsandler #sandman ♬ original sound - jessodea3

The audience member reportedly was dehydrated, and is now doing fine.

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