Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong to Host New Syndicated Talk Show

Ken Jeong.
Ken Jeong.

Ken Jeong, a comedian and judge on The Masked Singer, will have his own talk show soon.

Jeong will host a new talk show with Debmar-Mercury and producer Jim Biederman, as announced this week.

Details on the new partnership between Ken Jeong's new talk show & Debmar-Mercury.

"Ken is one of a handful of people in the world who has what it takes to succeed as a talk show host and we are excited to be in business with him," Debmar-Mercury co-presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein said in a joint statement obtained by EW. "Audiences connect with Ken on many levels – not only because is he so talented, entertaining and unapologetically hilarious but their sense that he is sincere, compassionate, fearless, friendly, just genuinely nice – all essential ingredients that make for long-term success as a talk show host.”

The show will syndicate and premiere sometime in 2024. 

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