Will Ferrell at USC Frat Party.

Will Ferrell Crashes USC Frat Party And DJ’s

Will Ferrell at USC Frat Party.
Will Ferrell at USC Frat Party.

Will Ferrell is going from being a funeral crasher (see Wedding Crashers) to being a frat party crasher. At least this was the case this weekend at USC.

What exactly happened when Will Ferrell crashed this frat party?

Ferrell attended this weekend’s parents weekend at the University of Southern California, where his son attends. Ahead of the school’s football game, he decided to pay a visit to a party, not unlike something he would’ve done in Old School. Ferrell then decided to show off his DJ skills to the lucky college students. While most other kids would be embarrassed if their dad showed up to their frat party, something tells us Frank the Tank gets a pass.

And in the age of the internet, if it didn’t go viral, then it didn’t happen. And this is the end result.

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