Say More With Dr? Sheila Podcast.

Amy Poehler Launches New Scripted Comedy Podcast ‘Say More With Dr? Sheila’

Say More With Dr? Sheila Podcast.
Say More With Dr? Sheila Podcast. Courtesy of Audacy/Joel Barhamand.

Amy Poehler’s Paper Kite Productions has partnered with Audacy and Poehler’s pal Liz
Cackowsi to produce Say More With Dr? Sheila, a scripted comedy podcast that sees Poehler flexing her improv muscles. As Dr? Sheila, Poehler offers strange advice to couples and dubious counseling on relationship topics. Episodes feature incredible guests like Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Ike Barinholtz, who serve as improv partners for Poehler.

How to listen to Amy Poehler's new podcast 'Say More With Dr? Sheila.'

The series debuted September 21st, and releases episodes weekly through November 16th.

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