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Wordsmith Chris Griffin Masters The Stage In His Debut Comedy Special, “Words Have Consequences”

Photo Credit: Salina Petschulat Curtis

Chris Griffin’s debut comedy special Words Have Consequences is filled to the brim with tomfoolery. His wild tales always end with him finding himself in over his head and trying to find a way out. With his playful style, the comedian earned the title as the first comic to tape a special at the historic music venue, the Dream Cafe, in Penticton, Canada; the first time ever the venue has opened its doors to record a comedy special.

Chris Griffin teases his new special with the “Fast & Furious” treatment.

His personal and sometimes awkward style is spotlighted in his promo video shot like the Fast & Furious films highlighting the film’s luxurious lifestyles. The irony between the video and his dramatic voice over give you a taste of the comedy gold to come. Watch the promo video below.

Everything to know about Chris Griffin’s new special.

Chris Griffin is nothing if not committed. After winning the Vancouver Comedy Competition, he took the leap: selling his house and quitting his job and to make it big time, touring North America telling his many hilarious stories.

Before the release of Words Have Consequences, Griffin was voted “Best Comedian on Tour” at the Vancouver Comedy Awards. Griffin has previously shared the stage with some of comedy’s finest including Norm MacDonaldDoug Stanhope, Tom Papa, Mark Normand, Fortune Feimster, Dave Merheje, Dulcé Sloan, Bert Kreischer, Ismo, and fellow bad dude Bret “The Hitman” Hart . In such great company, Griffin has been able to find his own voice and style, sharing all of his best stories to tell at a party.

Words Have Consequences makes it clear that Griffin is only getting started. Griffin is able to woo the crowd with his magnetic stage presence and ability to find a magical equilibrium between witty wordplay and spit-bubble-inducing physical comedy. Grab a tissue before giving Words Have Consequences because the uncontrollable snot and spit-up Griffin will get out of you must be tamed.

Where To Watch Chris Griffin’s “Words Have Consequences”

Chris Griffin’s Words Have Consequences is available on YouTube for free & for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla! The album from the special is also available for purchase here!

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