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Denver’s Dearest Zach Reinert Releases His Debut Comedy Special, “Trains, Trains, Trains”

Stand-up comedian, writer & director Zach Reinert has been making his way around the Denver comedy scene since the release of his critically favored debut comedy album, A Boatload of Jokes (2020). An album so favored, Westword deemed it as the best comedy album out of Denver that year. It also landed an esteemed slot on SiriusXM’s RawDog comedy channel.

And now, four years later, Reinert joins the company of fellow Denver comedians Ben Roy & Adam Cayton Holland as he releases his first ever stand-up special, Trains, Trains, Trains, on 800 Pound Gorilla’s YouTube channel tonight. 

Zach Reinert’s making waves in the Denver Comedy Scene

The “one-liner wunderkind,” according to Westword, shares the Denver comedy stage with Ben Roy, a comedian known for his “spittle-flecked rants,” and Adam Cayton Holland, who partners alongside Roy in their comedy supergroup, “The Grawlix” which has also created their own sitcom called, Those Who Can’t. Denver’s stand-up comedians not only do long form stand-up, instead they are all also pursuing short films and sitcoms. Reinert’s counterparts on Paranormal Dunktivity, Preston Tompkins and Stephen Agyei host a showcase called, Lemme See it which spotlights local short films and stand-up.

Reinert’s roots in the Denver comedy scene has really allowed him to take an interdisciplinary approach to his career. Because his peers have encouraged this multimedia approach, Reinert has found success and an ability to be versatile. Now Reinert returns to his origins in stand-up. 

How to watch Zach Reinert’s "Trains, Trains, Trains."

Reinert’s first ever comedy special, Trains, Trains, Trains, will be available on YouTube for free & also available for purchase on 800 Pound Gorilla! The album from the special is also available for purchase here!

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