Mark Normand at New York Comedy Club.

Mark Normand Evacuates New York Comedy Club Set After Fan Walks On Stage

Mark Normand at New York Comedy Club.
Mark Normand at New York Comedy Club on January 24th, 2024.

UPDATE at 4:27 PM CT: Since the viral clip of the fan interrupting caught wind earlier this morning, there had been no statement from Normand or New York Comedy Club. We now have an update from the venue.

Their statement said, "nobody was harmed or injured. The disruption was part of a filming by @Hi_hi_, the producers that rented out the venue for the night."

There isn't much more explanation beyond that and the context behind the @Hi_hi account does not offer any clarity as to what exactly they were trying to shoot from Normand's set.

PREVIOUSLY at 11:00 AM CT: "Anything can happen at a comedy show" says Mark Normand after his latest stand-up set was interrupted.

What happened at Mark Normand's New York Comedy Club set?

Last night at New York Comedy Club, Mark Normand was performing as part of his Good Eggs Comedy Show with Matt Ruby & Gary Vider when suddenly a fan abruptly walked on stage & disrupted the show.

Normand was visibly confused when seeing the strange man in the yellow beanie standing next to him saying "oh geez, what's going on? Everything alright?" Shortly after, security escorted the fan & his friend off the stage, with Normand responding "uh oh, oh boy."

Later on in the set, Normand was then escorted off the stage confused as why he had to leave. Then the promoters at the venue evacuated the whole audience to leave assuring that "everything is fine." Watch the full occurrence below.

After the show, Normand himself shared in an Instagram story update that "some sh*t went down tonight my team is still trying to put together the details, sorry to the fans."

Mark Normand Instagram Story Update.
Instagram Story Update via @MarkNormand.

Story developing...

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Kinda arrogant of HiHi to make a publicity stunt out of stand-up. Coathangers.

Danny Archila

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