Fern Brady.

Fern Brady's New Special, "Autistic Bikini Queen," Headed To Netflix

Scottish comic, Fern Brady, is headed to Netflix with her latest comedy special, Autistic Bikini Queen, premiering on April 22nd (her first for the streaming service).

This new show launched in 2022 as part of her headlining tour of the same name and was taped in Bristol. Autistic Bikini Queen follows her 2021 stand-up special, Power & Chaos, which debuted on BBC One and is available to watch for free on YouTube (the audio album from that special is also available here on 800 Pound Gorilla).

In her latest special, the irreverent comedian tackles big themes like death, decline and the disappointments of middle age.

"This show, despite its title, is 1% about autism and 99% about relationships, marriage and death" says Brady about her latest special. "I'm delighted my bleak worldview will find a bigger audience on Netflix, but I am sorry that as the first Scottish lady with a Netflix special, it will mislead people into thinking we're all like this when we aren't."

Shortly after the premiere of the new special, Brady will be performing a set at this year's Netflix Is A Joke Festival in Los Angeles, taking place from May 2-12, 2024 & featuring over 400+ Artists, 400+ Shows, across 35+ Venues.

When does "Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen" premiere on Netflix?

The new special premieres globally on Netflix April 22, 2024.

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