Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know

Hasan Minhaj Returns To Talk Show Roots With New YouTube Series, "Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know"

Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know. Courtesy of YouTube.

Hasan Minhaj, known for his Peabody award-winning comedy & interview chops from his time on Comedy Central's The Daily Show & Netflix's Patriot Act, is back with his newest talk series, Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know. The new series premiered on his YouTube channel this morning and debuted its first episode with its first guest, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In the new show, Minhaj sits down with the biggest names in politics, culture, and tech with questions that are as thought-provoking as they are absurd. Never deferential but always respectful, Hasan approaches his guests with a genuine curiosity in the hope that talking points can be left at the door with each episode being a curated exchange tailored to each guest's background.

Minhaj calls his new series "a dumb show for curious people who are looking for answers but can't find them (not even from their host)," cause as the show implies - Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know.

The new series marks the comic's somewhat first formal entry back into hosting a talk series since appearing as a guest host on The Daily Show last year. Doesn't Know nearly paints a picture of "what if Hasan ended up getting The Daily Show hosting gig" following last year's New Yorker article story, which found the comic called out for largely embellishing certain aspects of his act that he has since apologized for.

This first episode saw Minhaj & Warren discussing today's politics, the new IRS website, and slogans for political parties for a funny & humanizing conversation. While that gig might not have worked out the way Minhaj hoped for, this new show seems to be a great consolation for getting a new weekly comedy narrative from one of today's fan favored, charismatic & laid back voices in stand-up comedy doing one of the many things he does best.

Following this show's premiere, Minhaj will soon wrap up his current Off With His Head tour & tape his next special for Netflix this weekend in San Jose. He currently has two comedy specials on Netflix including The King's Jester (2022) and Homecoming King (2017).

How to watch "Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know."

The first episode is available today, July 8th, with new episodes presumably available every week on Hasan's YouTube channel as well as a podcast on Spotify. Check out the first episode below!

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