Rick Glassman & Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson Launches New Podcast "Soul Boom" With First Guest Rick Glassman

Comedian & actor Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Dwight Schrute on The Office, has been expanding his talent arsenal into more areas of his career since playing the iconic character on one of the biggest sitcoms of the last two decades. He's added best selling author, humanitarian, mental health advocate & podcaster to his already impressive name.

Wilson's latest venture is his newest podcast Soul Boom, which premiered this week with his first guest being fellow podcaster & stand-up comedian Rick Glassman, host of the popular Take Your Shoes Off podcast.

The new podcast, hosted by Wilson & based off his 2023 New York Times best selling book of the same name, is a series of conversations exploring meaningful and inspiring topics that tickle the mind, heart and soul. The show digs into the core of the human experience (creativity, spirituality and psychology) & brings on some of the most brilliant and heart-felt artists, thinkers and doers, guiding the listener toward transformation on both a personal and societal level while also bringing some funny laughs.

In the premiere episode, the two comics ponder their spiritual beliefs and fears that speaking on God could polarize their audience. Rick opens up about his adult diagnosis of autism and how this revelation shed light on his unique approach to communication, both offstage and on. They dive into the art of joke-telling, discuss the delicate balance between making the audience laugh and letting them in on the joke, creating a shared space of understanding and enjoyment.

How to watch & listen to Rainn Wilson's "Soul Boom" podcast.

New episodes premiere every Tuesday on the Soul Boom YouTube channel as well as everywhere you listen to podcasts with upcoming guests including Neal Brennan, Bobby Lee, Angela Kinsey & more to be announced!

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