Jay Pharoah.

Jay Pharoah To Host FOX Game Show, “The Quiz with Balls”

Jay Pharoah.
Jay Pharoah's The Quiz with Balls. Courtesy of FOX.

Comedian Jay Pharoah is the latest to host a new game show. Pharoah is partnering with FOX for a new show titled, The Quiz with Balls.

What's the new game show, The Quiz with Balls, about?

The show is based off of a game show from the Netherlands that premiered last year and became a massive success. According to the synopsis, “Pitting brains against balls, while combining a high-stakes quiz show with a large-scale physical competition, each episode of The Quiz with Balls features two families competing for $100,000 in a “battle of the balls.”

The synopsis continues, “Standing on a high platform over a glistening pool, they must all work together as they face a multiple-choice quiz where each answer is allocated to a spot with a giant ball positioned up behind it. If the correct answer is chosen, the ball rolls down and stops just before colliding with the player… if the answer is wrong, the massive ball rapidly descends and mercilessly whacks them into the pool below. The more players each team loses, the harder the questions get. The longer they last, the more money they bank, until one “dry” family member plays the final round for The Quiz with Balls’ $100,000 Grand Prize.”

What they're saying about the new show.

“Playful, quick-witted and high-energy, Jay’s going to make a huge splash as our host of The Quiz with Balls,” said Allison Wallach, FOX Entertainment’s President of Unscripted Programming.  “No matter the stage or show, Jay’s singular brand of humor and comedic timing elevates everything he does. With him at the helm of The Quiz with Balls, viewers of all ages are assured an exciting and hilarious hour of fun playing along with Jay and our family contestants.”

“When I got hit up about hosting an epic face-off between big brains and even bigger balls, I was like…’I got this,’” said Jay. “Then I found out it was a game show series on FOX and thought…even better!”

When does Jay Pharoah's "The Quiz with Balls" premiere?

No news yet on when the show will be premiering. But the premise sounds promising!

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