Martin Short as Jiminy Glick

A Breakdown Of Jiminy Glick’s Residency On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” By How Often He Made His Guests Crack

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While Jimmy Kimmel began his annual summer vacation this past week, Martin Short as his hilarious character, Jiminy Glick, took over Kimmel’s place on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the show’s first rotating guest host for the summer to flex his improv skills & comedic genius. Via Short’s alter ego, Glick interviewed four well known comedians including Bill Hader, Sean Hayes, Melissa McCarthy, and Nick Kroll; two of which were pre recorded and the other two were recorded live in the studio. Here’s the stats from all four interviews.

Nick Kroll

Crack Count: 23

(at a rate of 2 per minute)

Martin Short cracks: 3

Donuts for Glick: 1

Donuts for Kroll: 3

Donuts for McCarthy: 1

Fist on face: 1

Net time spent on the ground: 31 seconds

By far the most physical segment Jimmy Kimmel Live has seen in a while. Kroll immediately comes out to plop a big wet kiss on Glick, turning it on him from when Glick tried to kiss McCarthy when she entered in the earlier segment. The extremely eager and giggly Nick Kroll finds great joy in being called an “older Jewish Olivia Rodrigo.” He seems to savor the insults, cracking at almost every question Glick asks. Kroll is also equally determined to up the ante by shoving as many donuts as he can into his mouth. There is a difference between a Jiminy Glick laugh and a Martin Short laugh. It is extremely rare to make a professional character actor like Martin Short break character but Kroll managed to crack Short three times. The last of which was when Kroll decided to help Glick get up but ended up rolling around with him on the floor until they ended up in the opposite chairs.

Bill Hader

Crack Count: 21

(at a rate of 3.5 per minute)

Donuts: 2

Donuts offered but denied: 1

Fist on face: 3

Glasses fogged: 1

Get the right people in front of Bill Hader and he will crack like an egg. Glick’s disinterest and lack of knowledge about Hader’s career made the comedian even more prone to laughter. After hashing out constant insults and a couple donuts later, Hader has to pause because he has been laughing so much his glasses started fogging up. Glick seems to love everything and everyone but Bill Hader. After raving about Arlis, Mike Pence, and Chris Katan, who Glick wished was on the show instead of Hader, Glick also pulled out his classic moves where he rests his face on his fist and asks a question with a considerably higher voice. Hader cracked every single time.

Sean Hayes

Crack Count: 15

(at a rate of 3 per minute)

Donuts: 1

Birthday cake: 1

Donuts offered and denied: 1

Fist on face: 3

“Have you thought about doing a sitcom?” Glick asks Sean Hayes, the Emmy-winning lead in the hit sitcom Will & Grace, which aired for 11 seasons. Hayes is also incredibly quick to laugh at the swings Glick takes at him including dig at Hayes' successful podcast Smartless which he cohosts with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. Hayes says Glick should start a podcast and Glick responds, "I have never been that broke" making Hayes almost spit the water out of his mouth. Glick offers Hayes a donut but proceeds to sneeze all over the pile, effectively changing Hayes mind on if he were to accept the donut. Glick often takes his guests aback with absurd and seemingly irrelevant questions. It was one such question that got Hayes to tilt his head back and clutch his stomach as he cackled at Glick asking, “Were you for or against the use of drones to take out the late Mickey Rooney?” The segment ended with Glick handing Hayes a piece of cake in celebration of the actor’s birthday while keeping the rest for himself.

Melissa McCarthy

Crack Count: 11

(at a rate of 1 per minute)

Martin Short cracks: 4

Lunges at McCarthy: 2

McCarthy came ready to play, going along with the story that Glick says they did the “deed.” McCarthy serves it right back to Glick with the wit we expect from a seasoned professional like herself. Because of this, McCarthy purposefully reserves her laughter, trying not to give Glick the satisfaction but she still lets it out at least 11 times. McCarthy takes the cake for making Short crack the most. Her ability to quickly yet viciously tear back at him forced Short into a position where he couldn’t help but break the Glick character for a moment to let out the laughter. Glick lunges at McCarthy twice going in for a kiss but luckily McCarthy is totally game, playing along with the whole charade. The interview ends with Glick on top of McCarthy on the couch as he says, “We’ll be right back” McCarthy pulls Glick’s tie to bring him back in for a kiss.

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