Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel Teases An Upcoming Exit For Late Night Talk Show

Jimmy Kimmel.
Jimmy Kimmel. Courtesy of ABC. Photo credit: Jeff Lipsky.

Since 2003, comedian & late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has been making audiences laugh with his award winning late night series, Jimmy Kimmel Live! In 2022, he accomplished the ultimate sign of job security by signing a three year extension contract with ABC to keep going as the host of his late night program.

It now looks like the end of his long running talk show is coming to a close according to an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

What Jimmy Kimmel is saying about his possible talk show exit.

Ahead of his fourth hosting stint at the 2024 Academy Awards, he opened the curtain on his current prep work for this year's ceremony sharing how he's been going back and forth on script rewrites & pitch ideas saying that he was "literally nodding off onto my computer."

"'I cannot wait until my contract is over.’ But then, I take the summer off or I go on strike, and you start going, ‘Yeah, I miss the fun stuff,’ ” Kimmel said.

Still, he says, “I think this is my final contract. I hate to even say it, because everyone’s laughing at me now — each time I think that, and then it turns out to be not the case. I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good. That seems like enough.”

As for what his plans are for after the show, those still appear to be up in the air but perhaps pursuing his hobbies on his off time. He went on to detail “It might not be anything that anyone other than me is aware of. I have a lot of hobbies — I love to cook, I love to draw, I imagine myself learning to do sculptures. I know that when I die, if I’m fortunate enough to die on my own terms in my own bed, I’m going to think, ‘Oh, I was never able to get to this, and I was never able to get to that.’ I just know it about myself.”

Kimmel is set to host the 2024 Oscars Sunday, March 10th on ABC!

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