Ezra Movie.

Bobby Cannavale Stars As A Stand-Up In New Heartfelt Road-Trip Dramedy, "Ezra"

After premiering this past year to critical acclaim & stellar reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ezra, the new indie dramedy surrounding a stand-up comic raising his autistic son, has set a summer theatrical release date via Bleecker Street and has unveiled its first trailer for the heartfelt new movie.

It features an impressively stacked cast of acclaimed actors including Bobby Cannavale, Robert De Niro, & Rose Byrne depicting this touching portrait of family and friendship.

Everything to know about the movie "Ezra."

The movie Ezra follows Max Bernal (Cannavale), a stand-up comedian living with his father (De Niro), while struggling to co-parent his autistic son Ezra (introducing William Fitzgerald) with his ex-wife (Byrne). When forced to confront difficult decisions about their son’s future, Max and Ezra embark on a cross-country road trip that has a transcendent impact on both their lives.

One of those transcendent impacts the first trailer alludes to is the opportunity for Max to perform stand-up on the late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The late night host Jimmy Kimmel, fresh off his Academy Awards gig, is also set to appear in the new film.

Directed by Tony Goldwyn, who also appears in the film alongside additional cast members Vera Farmiga, Rainn Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg, Ezra is an endearing and often funny exploration of a family determined to find their way through life’s complexities with humor, compassion, and heart.

When does the new movie "Ezra" release?

Ezra opens exclusively in theaters May 31st, 2024.

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