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Judy Belushi Pisano - Widow Of John Belushi - Has Passed Away

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Some sad news for fans of John Belushi and The Blues Brothers. This morning, we learned that his widow - writer Judy Belushi Pisano - has passed away. The news was reported on The Blues Brothers Instagram page.

”Her unwavering dedication and creative genius alongside Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi gave birth to The Blues Brothers, a timeless testament to the power of music and laughter,” the post read. “In the years following John’s passing in 1982, Judy honored his life and championed his legacy and Blues Brothers brand. As we bid farewell, we pledge to continue her work, ensuring that John’s legacy, and the Blues Brothers will never fade.”

The post continues, “There was no one like her. Judy made everyone feel loved. She was nonjudgmental, light, funny and pure. You could be truly yourself around her, that alone was a gift. The Belushi and Pisano families will carry your love in their hearts forever.”

Remembering the life & legacy of Judy Belushi Pisano.

She first met John Belushi in their hometown of Wheaton, Illinois. They started dating during her sophomore year in high school. After they moved to New York, she wound up working in the art department at the National Lampoon, with whom her husband John worked with on the off-Broadway show, Lemmings.

She also became the art director on the book Titters: The First Collection of Humor By Women, written by Anne Beatts and Deanne Stillman. She followed it up by collaborating with them as an author on the sequel, Titters 101: An Introduction to Women’s Literature. She was even hired by Saturday Night Live in the early 80’s, after her husband left the show. However, a writer’s strike took the show off the air after she only wrote one episode, and she never went back. Fans of John Belushi’s can also spot Judy Belushi in two of his films, Animal House - as the girl he dances with at the toga party - and The Blues Brothers - as a cocktail waitress.

After her husband’s death in 1982, she - alongside Dan Aykroyd and John’s brother, Jim - helped keep the legacy of The Blues Brothers alive. Between specials and tours and everything else you can think of, they managed to keep the band in the pop culture lexicon. She also authored two books, Samurai Widow and Belushi: A Biography.

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