Richard Lewis.

Lost Richard Lewis Interview To Debut On YouTube

When Richard Lewis passed away earlier this year, comedy lost one of its most unique and vibrant voices. He was a rare individual who was just as fired up in talk show interviews as he was when he was performing. To pay tribute to the legendary comic, there’s a long lost documentary hitting YouTube tomorrow on his 77th birthday.

What to know about the lost Richard Lewis interview.

Back in 2010, Lewis taped an interview for a Jerry Lewis documentary with director Gregg Barson. What followed was much more than just an interview about Jerry Lewis, but rather a comedic tour de force all on its own. "I didn’t want it to end because I was treated to a one-man private sit down comedy extravaganza," Barson stated.

Now fans will be able to see Lewis in his true form, with the cameras running. After the comedian passed away in February, Barson had the idea to release the footage as a tribute to Richard Lewis. His widow, Joyce Lapinsky, was on board with it, and gave it her blessing.

Barson said, “Richard was truly an expert on comedy and its history, which made for an incredible interview about the great Jerry Lewis…and surprisingly, the interview is even more revealing about Richard Lewis.”

You can find the interview starting tomorrow here.

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