The Blues Brothers.

Dan Aykroyd To Host Audible Series On The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers. Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Dan Aykroyd is doing a deep dive into a subject that he knows a thing or two about: The Blues Brothers.

Alongside John Belushi, Aykroyd formed the iconic band back in the 1970’s, as a tribute to all things blues. The band got their TV debut on Saturday Night Live, played in theaters around the country, and headlined their own movie in 1980 for Universal. Today, the band is part of the pop culture lexicon. But have you ever wondered about the true story behind the scenes?

Dan Aykroyd uncovers it all in the new podcast, "Blues Brothers: The Arc of Gratitude."

Blues Brothers: The Arc of Gratitude.
Courtesy of Audible.

Aykroyd is setting out to uncover that story in a new Audible series, Blues Brothers: The Arc of Gratitude. According to the official release, Aykroyd will accompany listeners through “late nights in the early days with John Belushi at Dan’s speakeasy in Toronto, to working with blues legends Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Ray Charles on The Blues Brothers movie, through the founding of House of Blues, the Blues Brothers 2000 sequel, and beyond.”

The series will also feature special guests, including Jim Belushi, Paul Shaffer, Curtis Salgado, John Landis, Steve Jordan, Judy Belushi Pisano, and beyond. Plus, there will be a previously unheard interview with John Belushi.

The series debuts on Audible July 25th.

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