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Kyle Kinane Announces New Special, "Dirt Nap," & Tour, "It's Not A Tour, It's The Job"

Comedian Kyle Kinane is back with a brand new stand-up special, Kyle Kinane: Dirt Nap, as well as a brand new tour lasting through the rest of the year for "It's Not A Tour, It's The Job."

What to know about Kyle Kinane's new special, "Dirt Nap."

This new hour follows last year's critically acclaimed Shocks & Struts special, also released through 800 Pound Gorilla. Kinane taped the new hour last September at Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, where he teamed up with the legendary Bobcat Goldthwait to direct.

Beginning March 4th, the new Kyle Kinane comedy special will be available to watch & download commercial free for $10 on 800 Pound Gorilla (available for pre-order here) before heading to YouTube on April 2nd. Kinane will be hanging out in the live chat with fans on the YouTube livestream.

When distilled to its essence, Dirt Nap delves into tolerance and returning to your roots. Much like his previous releases, Kinane's biggest target is himself. Themes of cautious optimism and a cynical yet self-aware sense of hope permeate throughout. The crowd is left un-"worked" and free to enjoy the show, with Kinane's only heckler being his own moral compass.

If one were curious as to how vegan quesadillas can relate to the inclusivity of the National Parks system, look no further than Dirt Nap. How does the Fast and The Furious franchise truly destroy the suspension of disbelief? Kinane has an idea. Downshifting from a life as an aging big city partier into a suburban father of a wayward cat gets dissected in a manner that will have everyone rethinking how their neighborhood views them. Watch the trailer for the new special above.

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Kyle Kinane "It's Not A Tour, It's The Job" Tour Dates

In a statement about his upcoming tour, Kinane shared "I'm not sure how to call traveling and performing comedy 'touring.' It's perpetual,” adding “I'm not doing this to level up into a different career. Performing standup is what I do."

Full dates for the rest of the year are listed below and tickets are available at

February 23-24 - Funny Bone Comedy Club - Omaha, NE

March 1-3 - Helium Comedy Club - Philadelphia, PA

March 14-16 - The Comedy Club of Kansas City - Kansas City, MO

March 22-24 - The Laugh Stop Comedy Club - Calgary, AB, Canada

March 28-30 - Comedy on State - Madison, WI

April 19-21 - Goodnights Comedy Club - Raleigh, NC

April 26-27 - Columbus Funny Bone - Columbus, OH

May 9 - The Improv - Brea, CA

May 10-12 - The Comedy Store - La Jolla, CA

May 17-18 - Funny Bone Comedy Club - Albany, NY

May 30 - Side Splitters Comedy Club - Tampa, FL

June 7-8 - Cobb’s Comedy Club - San Francisco, CA

June 14-16 - Helium Comedy Club - Portland, OR

July 18-20 - Vermont Comedy Club - Burlington, VT

July 25-27 - Punch Line - Sacramento, CA

September 5-7 - Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle - Royal Oak, MI

September 12-14 - Zanies - Nashville, TN

October 5 - The Momentary (Rode House) - Bentonville, AR

October 11-13 - Helium Comedy Club - Buffalo, NY

October 18-19 - Des Moines Funny Bone - West Des Moines, IA

October 24-26 - Acme Comedy Club - Minneapolis, MN

November 14-16 - Rumor’s Restaurant & Comedy Club - Winnipeg, MB, Canada

November 22-24 - Comedy Mothership - Austin, TX

November 25-26 - Kinanesgiving at Thalia Hall - Chicago, IL

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