Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons.

Pauly Shore's Richard Simmons Biopic In Development With The Wolper Organization

Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons in The Court Jester.
Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons in The Court Jester. Photo: Isaak Morin.

UPDATE at 8:40 PM CT: Shortly after Shore & The Wolper Organization announced their Richard Simmons biopic, Simmons himself put out a statement earlier this afternoon disavowing the upcoming film by not giving them his blessing.

Simmons shared in a Facebook post, “Hi Everybody! You may have heard they may be doing a movie about me with Pauly Shore. I have never given my permission for this movie. So don’t believe everything you read. I no longer have a manager, and I no longer have a publicist. I just try to live a quiet life and be peaceful. Thank you for all your love and support.”

PREVIOUSLY at 1:41 PM CT: After over a year of this Pauly Shore & Richard Simmons meme floating around the internet, comedian Pauly Shore has become adamant about starring in a Richard Simmons biopic. 800 Pound Gorilla News has confirmation that it's is officially in the works with casting currently underway from The Wolper Organization, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. 

Everything we know so far about the new Richard Simmons film.

Before this new project was announced, Shore previously portrayed the fitness coach in a new short film, The Court Jester, that's set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, January 19th before heading to YouTube later that night. Jake Lewis, the filmmaker behind the Robin Williams Test Footage Short, directed the upcoming short film (in no relation to the upcoming biopic, but Wolper is in full support of the new short). 

In an Instagram post, Shore shared that this new movie marks the beginning of his Oscars campaign saying “I definitely can morph into this guy. I’ll see you at the @theacademy 2025.” 

What Pauly Shore's saying about the new project.

In an obtained statement, Shore shared that he's “excited about sharing Richard Simmons’s life with the world. We all need this biopic now more than ever. Simmons represented mental health, getting people in shape and being his authentic silly self!" He continues, "you could never take your eyes off him and he brought such a joy to his appearances that represented nothing but a good time.”


We're looking forward to sharing more about this exciting project as it continues to unfold!

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