Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani Knows A Thing Or Two About 'The Birds & The Bees' In Newest Comedy Album

Maz Jobrani.
Maz Jobrani.

For over 5 decades, Los Angeles' World Famous Comedy Store has welcomed the biggest names in stand-up comedy to work out new material at the iconic comedy club when comedians are getting ready to tour a new hour & record their next special.

For Maz Jobrani, he did more than just work out his new material at the famous comedy club when prepping his latest hour, The Birds & The Bees. He in fact became a regular at the club and decided the legendary venue was the perfect place to record his next full one hour comedy special.

Recorded in the Main Room, the special was released nearly a year ago via his YouTube channel to high acclaim. And now, comedy fans have another reason to be excited about it: the comedy special can now finally be streamed, downloaded & listened to on all your favorite audio platforms in an album format!

What to know about Maz Jobrani's "The Birds & The Bees."

In his seventh stand-up special, Maz covers how he became a regular at the Comedy Store under legendary owner Mitzi Shore. The comic also offers his takes on politics, family, and of course, the birds & the bees!

Before releasing this new hour, Jobrani recorded 6 specials across a few different platforms including one for Comedy Central (The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour with Ahmed Ahmed, Aron Kader - 2006), three for Showtime (Brown and Friendly - 2009, I Come In Peace - 2013, and I'm Not a Terrorist, But I've Played One on TV - 2015), one for Netflix (Immigrant - 2017), and one for Peacock (Pandemic Warrior - 2019).

How to listen to Maz Jobrani's comedy album "The Birds & The Bees."

Maz Jobrani's The Birds And The Bees is available to stream & download on 800 Pound Gorilla & everywhere else you listen to comedy!

800 Pound Gorilla also has the album from Jobrani's 2015 special, I'm Not a Terrorist, But I've Played One on TV, available to download here!

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