Donald Glover & Mark Normand.

Donald Glover Reportedly Behind Mark Normand's "Hi-Hi" Disruption At Comedy Show

Donald Glover & Mark Normand.
Donald Glover & Mark Normand.

Yesterday presented a bunch of confusion & head scratching as to why stand-up comedian Mark Normand had to abruptly evacuate his Wednesday night set at New York Comedy Club this past week. The venue & Normand both put out statements yesterday afternoon emphasizing that "nobody was harmed or injured" and that the disruption was part of a "filming by @Hi_hi_."

Mark Normand Instagram Story.
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The question kept circling "who's @Hi_hi_?" and it looks like we're pretty close to finding an answer that ties back to comedian, actor, rapper & Community star, Donald Glover.

The story behind Mark Normand's @Hi_hi_ disruption.

Following those released statements by the club & Normand, it was revealed that Glover was somehow attached to this account based on the story he re-shared on his Instagram with @Hi_hi_ ghost-tagging him & Glover adding "'Hi-Hi' available now."

Donald Glover Instagram Story.
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Later we found out that there's been a website built for the @Hi_hi_ account called

In a report by Stereogum, it says that "HiHi recruited people to perform stunts and missions for prizes, and Amazon is mentioned in the contest rules." And it looks like Normand wasn't the only one who was involved in an orchestrated disruption this past week. Some of the other instances include Tyra Banks sitting between two furries at the recent Knicks vs. Nets game & an exhibition of some very fancy custom sneakers that suddenly disappeared once the lights went out and shortly they came back on.

For those that have been keeping up with Glover know that next week he's set to star in the new Prime Video series, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the TV reboot of the 2005 film premiering next Friday. And it appears that all of these events are linked and that this was viral marketing for the new show.

Glover certainly captured our attention, we await to see how the new show is once it premieres next week!

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