Mike Vecchione.

Mike Vecchione To Release User Generated Comedy Special, "Worst Kind Of Thoughtful"

Stand-up comedian Mike Vecchione is stepping into new territory doing something no other comedian has done before with his new special coming out this week. And that's releasing a first of its kind comedy special that is completely user-generated.

The special is called Worst Kind of Thoughtful and it's inspired by his 2018 comedy album of the same name. In this unique hour of comedy, Vecchione fully narrates while his talented friends, fellow comics, artists & more have been recruited to perform the stand-up material on his behalf.

In a new clip, Vecchione gives fans a glimpse at what it visually looks like for a comedy special to be user generated with the help of Ari Shaffir performing his bit about coffee dates at IHOP, where Shaffir actually performs the bit outside of an IHOP in a suit ready for a date.

The names he's gathered to help make this special is an all-star roster featuring Johanny Mota, Nic Novicki, Ben Hersey, Leanna Durrua, Ben Rosenfeld, Tony V, Big Jay Oakerson, Luca Innocenzi, Christine Evans, Diego Chiat, Shaun McEwee, Shannon Heyer, Rachel Feinstein, Pete Brennan, Angel Justus, Dan Soder, Ray Ellin, Elise Reaves, Kiki Yeung, Sam Morril, Gilda Vecchione, Cecilia Viveiros, Chris Distefano, Cole Fleet, Joe List, Judy Vincent, Akaash Singh, Von Decarlo, Julian Mazzola, Matteo Lane, Mila Filatova, Linda Turley, Katie Hannigan, Sofia Samrad, Mark Normand, Everly Cole, Ari Shaffir, Kerryn Feehan, Marina Franklin, Greg Stone, & Erica Watson.

Vecchione released his latest special The Attractives this past year, directed by Nate Bargatze & produced by 800 Pound Gorilla, which boasts an impressive over 2 million views on YouTube since its release.

When does Mike Vecchione: Worst Kind of Thoughtful premiere?

Tune in to the new special on Mike's YouTube channel this Friday, March 22nd at 6 PM ET!

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