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Recapping 15 Great Comedy Podcasts Started In 2023

Handsome Podcast & We
Handsome Podcast (Fortune Feimster, Tig Notaro, & Mae Martin) & We're Here To Help Podcast (Jake Johnson & Gareth Reynolds).

The podcast boom over the past decade has really transcended how comedians & their fans connect with each other. More likely than not, after watching a comic’s great stand-up special comes either a podcast to support it or to connect with their audience further. It's also become common for comedians to support each other by appearing on each other’s podcasts to get in front of each other’s audience. And while everyone and their mom can (and probably has) start(ed) a podcast, it’s still a sought after medium for comedy fans everywhere who are looking for more fun in their life.


800 Pound Gorilla News has rounded out a selection of 15 great comedy podcasts that launched in 2023 (and within the past year) that are available to check out today. A lot of these shows have supplemented the followings of well established acts and also brought once smaller names out into the stratosphere, launching notable careers in stand-up & beyond. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or wanna join us in celebrating another great year of comedy, there’s something for everyone on this list & we hope you enjoy!

Senses Working Overtime

Only three episodes in & professional talker David Cross has shown how much of a great podcast host he is by how he pulls out the best in each of his guests in this interview style show. Again, only three episodes in, but what a banger way to start out a podcast as David Cross when you're bringing in comedy powerhouses Bob Odenkirk, Jason Bateman & Steve-O as your starting lineup.


In each episode of Senses Working Overtime, Cross asks his guests (usually friends, family members & the like) questions relating to the five senses. He sometimes might not get to it right at the very beginning (or at all) with how much fun he has just talking. But either way, you’ll be entertained and as he says, “if you’re not careful, you might just learn something* hard winks.”


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Thursday.

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Dan Soder, famously known for previously being the longtime host of The Bonfire on SiriusXM, stepped away earlier this year to focus on pursuing other projects including his role on Showtime’s Billions & touring. And since then, it only took until October of this year from him to feel the podcasting itch again with his newly launched podcast simply titled Soder.


Each episode can expect many guests from the greater comedy community & friends of Soder’s talking about life, comedy touring, funny stories and more. So far guests have included Big Jay Oakerson, Robert Kelly, Joe List, Mark Normand & many more to come.


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Wednesday.

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Call Chelsea Peretti

Okay you may be thinking, didn’t this podcast exist ages ago already? You’re not wrong. However, this show does exist in a new life (with the help of Will Ferrell's Big Money Players Network) after taking a more than three year long hiatus and for that, we’re including queen Chelsea Peretti’s podcast revival on this list - Call Chelsea Peretti.


Instead of an interview show, Peretti takes calls from fans on weekly themed episodes, interacts with callers, and plays special music and sound effects. Look forward to lots of discussion of bear attacks, fixation on minutia, administration of food tests & more.


How to listen: everywhere you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Thursday. Follow Chelsea on socials for weekly clips from the pod!

Tosh Show

When Daniel Tosh started this new podcast, Tosh Show, it marked his latest big project since having Tosh.0 get canceled by Comedy Central in 2020. Needless to say, fans were pretty excited to see him step into a similar Tosh vein since the show went off the air. Something cool to note (not that anyone would be surprised by this stat), Tosh’s YouTube channel has grown to an impressive 338K subscribers since launching just over a month ago.


Listeners can tell early on he knew very well from the start that he didn’t want this to be like other comedy podcasts. In fact, he’s very much disrupting the medium by intentionally not interviewing fellow comedians. So far, he’s interviewed everyone else from his wife’s gynecologist, his favorite athlete with no legs, & his animal communicator just to name a few.


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Tuesday.

Strike Force Five

Back when we were all feeling the weight from the writer’s & actor’s strikes earlier this summer, we saw all the late night hosts (Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert & John Oliver) band together to form a never before seen supergroup of hosts joining the podcast world, giving us The Strike Force Five. Forming a true Avengers like podcast that had never been done before on this scale.


The show started to help raise funds for out of work writers & staff on each of the five late night shows. And while this podcast is definitely wrapped and no longer airing new episodes, comedy & late night fans will look back on the year 2023 as the year Hollywood bounced back from the industry’s most historic strikes & one podcast that managed to bring such an abundance of joy & hilarity in a short period of time.


How to listen: everywhere you listen to podcasts!


Little did we know that 2023 would be the year we would get a podcast from notable comedy trifecta, Fortune Feimster, Tig Notaro & Mae Martin, and realize we'll never, ever be as Handsome as these three lovely hosts are. Every week, the handsome hosts field a question from a friend (most of these friends may or may not be famous) and attempt to answer it together, covering every subject you could think of. Along the way, Tig, Fortune and Mae tell plenty of stories and just generally have a ridiculous time.


Some highlight guests have included Sarah Silverman, Kenan Thompson, Elliot Page, Mike Birbiglia, and Reese Witherspoon to name a few (most of which stop by to offer a question and not stick around in an interview set up). And in their newly rolled out YouTube channel, fans can now watch their handsome faces & see all their classy suits with a glass in hand.


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Tuesday!

We're Here To Help

Have you been needing some help with a problem and don’t know where to go or who to ask? Well, luckily for us, comedians Jake Johnson & Gareth Reynolds are here to help via their new call-in podcast We’re Here To Help. This isn’t just any problem solving podcast, this is the problem solving comedy podcast that’s comparable to asking advice from your tipsy uncle at the family gathering. They never guarantee your problem will be solved, however they’re here to help and will do their very best with all the advice they can give.


Johnson & Reynolds have been friends for over fifteen years since the beginning of their starts in Los Angeles having done many improv shows together. So seeing their natural back & forth on silly topics like Dungeons & Dragons & the perfect wedding speech make perfect sense on how they make such a great pair of hosts. Occasionally, they bring on some of their cool friends (including New Girl alum) like Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Bert Kreischer & Natalie Morales to offer their takes on advice as well.


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Monday & Thursday. Want to submit advice? Email helpfulpod@gmail.com!

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Say More With Dr? Sheila

Amy Poehler really showed out in 2023 in two ways: 1) joining TikTok this year and absolutely owning it. 2) Ramping up from that success, she launched her own scripted comedy podcast Say More With Dr? Sheila, where she plays a funny, self-proclaimed & supposedly world-renown relationship therapist.


Each week, listeners get to hear (and benefit from) many of her famous techniques as she counsels patients on overcoming disagreements, dealing with an overstepping mother-in-law, navigating open relationships, and much more. The guests she brings on are stacked with fellow SNL greats including Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell & more just to name a few.


How to listen: everywhere you listen to podcasts. The first season is wrapped up with hopefully a new one coming soon!

Bombing With Eric Andre

Eric Andre expanded his arsenal this summer as a comedian & actor by making the leap over to podcasting with his new show on Will Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network, Bombing With Eric Andre. The show where Andre hangs with his friends to talk about BOMBING. More specifically, bombing on stage, in public, in life, under the influence and many more gnarly stories that may or may not involve audience members throwing a punch.


This show is pretty fun & indeed gnarly. Since the show’s inception, Andre’s been able to utilize his hosting skills further in a somewhat more relaxed manner compared to his Adult Swim show. Any comedy fan is going to love this given all the recent guests he chats with like Sarah Sherman, Jay Jurden, Sam Jay, Nikki Glaser, Steve-O & more!


How to listen: everywhere you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Wednesday. Follow Eric on socials for weekly clips from the pod!

Stavvy's World

You know your pal & comedian Stavros Halkias from his previous podcasting stints as host of Cum Town with Nick Mullen & Adam Friedland and his basketball podcast Pod Don’t Lie with Sam Morril. Or you may know him from his new Netflix special, Fat Rascal. Well, Stavvy went all in on a new podcast that launched just shortly over a year ago where he and his friends wanna solve your problems in Stavvy’s World.


If you love stand-up comedy and funny nonsense, we recommend checking out this show. Many fan favorites like Sam Morril, Mark Normand, Dan Soder, Robert Kelly & more have been recurring guests on this show. It’s a fun watch & listen and a show not to be missed!


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Monday. Call 904-800-STAV to leave a voicemail and get some advice!

Family Trips

Part of being a family & growing up with siblings comes from all the memories you make, including the crazy family road trips & vacations. While they may have been disasters at the moment, looking back on them from many years ago you can’t help but laugh about them after the fact with your family. That’s why lifelong brothers, Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers, created the Family Trips with The Meyers Brothers Podcast. The show where they ask guests to relive childhood memories, unforgettable family trips, and other disasters.


If you’re looking for a funny, sweet, & easy listening experience, this is the show for you. And needless to say given, Seth Meyers night gig as one of the primetime late night hosts, there’s no surprise both him & Josh have been able to pull some awesome guests for the show. Recent guests have included Leslie Jones, Nate Bargatze, Nick Offerman, Pete Davidson, HAIM and of course, The Meyers Parents.


How to listen: everywhere you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Tuesday. Follow @FamilyTripsPod on socials for weekly clips from the pod!

The Amber & Lacey, Lacey & Amber Show!

Amber Ruffin, best known as a writer & recurring player on Late Night With Seth Meyers & for her Peacock show The Amber Ruffin Show, teamed up with her sister Lacey Lamar to write the New York Times bestselling book You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism. Since reaping in the success of that book, they’ve linked up to join the podcasting space for their lengthy titled show, The Amber & Lacey Show, Lacey & Amber Show!


Regardless of the order of the names, they’re both amazing hosts. Their back & forth energy on sibling rivalry, games & quizzes is infectious and quite hilarious making this a fun listen. Recent guests include Roy Wood Jr., Bowen Yang, Dulce Sloan, Zainab Johnson, Gianmarco Soresi & more. Another solid podcast with the Big Money Players seal courtesy of Will Ferrell!


How to listen: everywhere you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Wednesday & Friday. Follow Amber & Lacey (or Lacey & Amber) on socials for weekly clips from the pod!

Pretend Problems

Comedians Chad Daniels & Kelsey Cook are no strangers to podcasting or the comedy world, given their current shows Middle of Somewhere with Chad Daniels & Cy Amundson and Self Helpless with Kelsey Cook & Delanie Fischer. When they both shared the news of each of their own podcast expansions, fans were stoked to say the least.


If you’re in a relationship and need some dating advice and looking to seek it in a humorous way, Daniels and Cook would love to help with their Pretend Problems Podcast! They’re both touring comedians who also happen to be in a relationship with one another. Every week, they open up about arguments they've overcome, communication strategies that they love and hate, blended family dynamics, navigating being apart on tour, and more.


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Wednesday. Write in to pretendproblemspodcast@gmail.com to have your dating questions answered on the pod!

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Many know comedian, writer & podcaster Neal Brennan from his tenure co-creating & co-writing Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central and his Netflix comedy specials 2 Mics (2017) & his latest, Blocks (2022). In conjunction with the release of Blocks last year, Brennan created his podcast of the same name where he “ interviews friends and colleagues about the things that make them feel lonely, isolated, and like something's wrong - and how they are persevering despite these blocks.”


His conversations are so refreshing, delightful & enjoyable to listen & watch. Brennan really nails the balance of being open hearted & funny at the same time consistently with each episode. Some notable guests on his show have included David Letterman, Judd Apatow, Tom Segura, Maria Bamford, Brian Regan & more!


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Thursday!

I Never Liked You

Just a mere few weeks ago, NY comic Matteo Lane launched his latest podcast, I Never Liked You, with his best friend Nick Smith. Lane was previously the co-host of Inside The Closet with Emma Wilmann. In this new show, the dynamic duo “engages in heated debate, dissecting the juiciest topics, all with a level of sass that would make even a Jigglypuff blush.”


If you’ve been following Matteo Lane & his meteoric rise, you might just find your new favorite podcast. Lane & Smith’s show is filled with laughter, sass, and the kind of roasting that only best friends can deliver. If you’re also looking for something short & sweet, each episode wraps around the 15 min mark so you can easily listen on the go.


How to watch & listen: YouTube & everywhere else you listen to podcasts with new episodes premiering every Thursday!

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